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寄生参数提取 Parasitic extraction

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寄生参数提取 Parasitic extraction

In electronic design automation, parasiticextraction is calculation of the parasitic effects in both the designeddevices and the required wiring interconnectsof an electronic circuit: parasitic capacitances, parasitic resistances and parasitic inductances, commonly called parasiticdevices, parasitic components, or simply parasitics.



The major purpose of parasitic extraction is tocreate an accurate analog model of the circuit, so that detailed simulationscan emulate actual digital and analog circuit responses. Digital circuit responsesare often used to populate databases for signal delay and loading calculationsuch as: timing analysis; power analysis; circuit simulation; and signalintegrity analysis. Analog circuits are often run in detailed test benchesto indicate if the extra extracted parasitics will still allow the designedcircuit to function.



In early integrated circuits the impact of the wiring wasnegligible, and wires were not considered as electrical elements of thecircuit. However below the 0.5-micrometretechnologynode resistance and capacitance of the interconnects started making asignificant impact on circuit performance.[1] With shrinking process technologies inductanceeffects of interconnects became important as well.


Major effects of interconnect parasitics include: signal delay, signalnoise, IR drop (resistive component of voltage).

互连寄生参数的额主要影响包括信号延迟,信号噪声,电阻压降(IR drop)(电压的电阻分量)

Interconnect capacitance extraction


Interconnect capacitance is calculated by giving theextraction tool the following information: the top view layout of the design inthe form of input polygons on a set of layers; a mapping to a set of devicesand pins (from a Layout Versus Schematic run), and a crosssectional understanding of these layers. This information is used to create aset of layout wires that have added capacitors where the input polygons andcross sectional structure indicate. The output netlist contains the same set ofinput nets as the input design netlist and adds parasitic capacitor devices betweenthese nets.

Interconnect resistance extraction


Interconnect resistance is calculated by giving theextraction tool the following information: the top view layout of the design inthe form of input polygons on a set of layers; a mapping to a set of devicesand pins (from a Layout Versus Schematic run), and a crosssectional understanding of these layers including the resistivity of thelayers. This information is used to create a set of layout sub.wires that haveadded resistance between various sub-parts of the wires. The above InterconnectCapacitance is divided and shared amongst the sub-nodes in a proportional way.Note that unlike Interconnect Capacitance, Interconnect Resistance needs to addsub-nodes between the circuit elements to place these parasitic resistors. Thiscan greatly increase the size of the extracted output netlist and can causeadditional simulation problems.

Interconnect inductance extraction


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Tools and vendors


The tools fall into the following broad categories.


  • Field     solvers provide physically accurate solutions. They calculate     electromagnetic parameters by directly solving Maxwell's equations. Due to high     calculation burden they are applicable only very small designs or to parts     of the designs.


  • Approximate     solutions with pattern matching techniques are the only feasible approach     to extract parasitics for complete modern integrated circuit designs.


ANSYS Q3D Extractor (我正在用,希望同行多多指点哦。)

ANSYS Q3D Extractor uses method of moments (integral equations)and FEMs to compute capacitive, conductance, inductance and resistancematrices. It uses the fast multipole method (FMM) to accelerate thesolution of the integral equations. Outputs from the solver include current andvoltage distributions, CG and RL matrices.[2][3]

ANSYS Q3D Extractor使用了矩量法(积分方程)和有限单元法来计算电容、电导、电感和电阻矩阵。它使用了快速多极法(FMM)来加速积分方程的求解。求解器的输出包括电流和电压分布,电容电导CG和电阻电感矩阵。

FastCap, FastHenry(我正在用,希望同行多多指点哦。)

FastCap and FastHenry, from MIT (MassachusettsInstitute of Technology) are two free parasitics extractor tools forcapacitance, and inductance and resistance. Quoted in many scientific articles,they are considered golden references in their field. Source code, as well asWindows binary versions with viewer and editor are freely available from FastFieldSolvers.[4][5]


FasterCap (我正在用,希望同行多多指点哦。)

FasterCap, from FastFieldSolvers, is a free, opensource capacitance field solver, available for Windows and Linux OS, able tosimulate conductive structures embedded in piece-wise-constant, complexpermittivity dielectric media, automatic mesh refinement capability andin-core/out-of-core solver engine.



StarRC from Synopsys(previously from Avanti) is a universal parasitics extractor toolapplicable for a full range of electronic designs.[6]



Quantus from Cadence is a parasitic extractor tool forboth digital and analog designs and parasitics extraction check have to becarried out to prepare the design for postlayout verification.[7]


QuickCap NX

QuickCap NX from Synopsys is aparasitic extractor tool for both digital and analog designs.[8] It was based on QuickCap developedby Ralph Iverson of Random Logic Corporation, which was acquired by Magma andSynopsys.

来自Synopsys的QuickCap NX是一款用于数字和模拟设计额寄生参数提取工具。它基于Random Logic Corporation的Ralph Iverson开发的QuickCap,它可通过Magma和Synopsys来获得。

Calibre xACT3D

Calibre xACT3D from MentorGraphics is a parasitic extractor tool for both digital and analog designs.[9] It was based on PexRC developed byWangqi Qiu and Weiping Shi of Pextra Corporation, which was acquired by Mentor.


CapExt from CapExt AS is a parasitic extractor toolfor extracting capacitance from PCBs based on Gerber files.[10]

See also


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