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(1)   表示举例(Example):for example, for instance, as anillustration, to illustrate, namely, that is, for one thing, a case in point等。

(2)   表示增补(Addition):in addition, furthermore, moreover, and,also, or, too, besides, again, what’s more, likewise等。

(3)   表示强调(Emphasis):in fact, as a matter of fact, in otherwords, of course, certainly, above all, indeed, clearly, surely, in particular,obviously, naturally, anyway, in this case等。

(4)   表示对照(Contrast):while, whereas, in contrast, on the onehang…on the other hand, instead, on the contrary, in spite of, despite, but,however, although, still, yet, nevertheless, conversely, otherwise等。

(5)   表示比较(Comparison):similarly, in the same way, even though,at the same time, not only…but also, likewise, meanwhile等。

(6)   表示让步(Concession):although, after all, it is true(that)等。

(7)   表示原因(Cause):for this reason, because of this,because, since, as, for, due to, owing to, thanks to等。

(8)   表示结果(Consequence):thus, hence, therefor, accordingly, consequently,so, in this way, as a result等。

(9)   表示次序(Order):first, second, first of all, to beginwith, at first, finally, eventually, in the end, immediately, soon, in frontof, next to, opposite to, in the middle of, on the left, afterward, then, next等。

(10)表示结论(Conclusion):in conclusion, to conclude, to sum up,to summarize, in summary, in all, in a word, in short, in brief, as has beennoted等。  


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