BR positively regulates ABA biosynthesis to cold
2022-9-15 14:50
Brassinosteroid signaling positively regulates abscisic acid biosynthesis in response to chilling stress in tomato S An, Y Liu, K Sang, T Wang, J Yu, Y Zhou, X Xia Journal of Integrative Plant Biology Brassinosteroids (BRs) and abscisic acid (ABA) are essential regulators of plant growth and ...
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Salicylic acid゛ctivated BIN2 phosphorylation of TGA3
2022-8-18 15:18
Salicylic acid‐activated BIN2 phosphorylation of TGA3 promotes Arabidopsis PR gene expression and disease resistance Q Han, W Tan, Y Zhao, F Yang, X Yao, H Lin, D Zhang The EMBO Journal The plant defense hormone, salicylic acid (SA), plays essential roles in immunity and systemi ...
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Ribonuclease H﹍ike gene Small Grain2
2022-8-3 14:34
Ribonuclease H-like gene Small Grain2 regulates grain size in rice through brassinosteroids signal pathway Yunshuai Huang , Hui Dong , Changling Mou , Ping Wang , Qixian Hao , Min Zhang , Hongmin Wu , Fulin Zhang , Tengfei Ma , ...
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