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【作者的话】因为我的一些家人朋友和读者母语为英语,所以我从今天开始尝试使用双语撰写生活类博客。感谢Chat GPT,使得英文翻译毫不费力。

胸怀与格局(Breadth of Mind and Vision

The translation is attributed to ChatGPT.


      What you see may not be true. For example, you may see the sun revolving around the earth, but in reality, it's the earth that revolves around the sun. What you see may not be complete. For instance, you may see the stars in the sky and think that's the entire universe, but it's only a small corner of the Milky Way. What you see may not exist. Consider a supernova that is millions of light-years away and has a lifespan of only a few million years. When you see its light, it may have already exploded into countless dust particles.


      Similarly, a person's worldview is limited by their perspective. When you view things from an individual's perspective, you think, feel, and act in ways that benefit only you. When you view things from a family perspective, you take care of your loved ones. When you consider the community's well-being, you become a community leader. When you think about the interests of a city or nation, you become a responsible leader. If you expand your perspective to include climate change, regional conflicts, global trade, and regional peace, you become a leader in your region or even the world. If you're Elon Musk, you think about the future of humanity and the need to colonize Mars. If you're an astronomer, you consider the Earth's extinction and the survival of the solar system. Your worldview and perspective will broaden if you're like the Hubble or Webster telescopes, which can see deep into space and consider the universe's size, the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the expansion of the universe, when it will end, and whether there is anything beyond it.


     Although we are just ordinary people, our vision can be expanded. If we take a little time every day to contemplate the universe, our country, city, community, and family, to explore the past, future, and unknown, our mind will become broader. We will become more tolerant and inclusive. We can embrace the whole universe, like the Hubble Telescope, to explore the mysteries of the cosmos and feel its vastness and mystery. As the saying goes, if we step back, the sea is boundless, and let our limited life burn like a supernova, although short-lived, it will be brilliant, leaving behind a beautiful glow.

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