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Evaluating a Manuscript From its Cited Literature
Reference (literature citation) is an important part of a science paper, and it is an important criteria for me to do initial review on the manuscripts sumbitted to the JMS.
For those manuscripts that have no reference or only several references and they are mainly papers that the authors previously published, I'll reject the papers or send them back to the authors for revision;
For those manuscripts that contain a long list of literature, I'll check whether what they cite in the text are in consistency with the listed literature in the reference. If not, the manuscripts will be rejected or sent  back to the authors for revision.
For those manuscripts that only cite literature written in Chinese or written in the mother tongue of the authors, I'll ask the authors to supplement related literatures written in other languages, especially in English.
General issues in reference and the citation in the text of the manuscripts:
1. No or only a few literature are listed in the reference;
2. Only the authors' literature are listed in the reference;
3. Only Chinese literature or literature written in the authors' mother tongue are listed in the reference;
4. The literature listed in the Reference are not in consistent to the cited literature in the text in content or in author names, publication years, ect.;
5. No citation is mentioned in the text where others' views and methods are quoted;
6. A great deal of citation is  accumulated in the one or two places in the text.


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