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"同桌的你" (“观”后感)

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总的印象,中国大陆和美国大陆的“距离”已很接近。The cost of a movie ticket is relatively more expensive here in China (like everything else :) You have less freedom with seat choice here, which is assigned by the ticket office. (In the US, you can pick and choose a seat after you enter the theater.) There is no chance of watching a second movie "for free" in China (while in the US no one cares to do so but some "free spirited souls"). One could bring a bottle of water to the theater in China (as least I was told I could and I did), which is a no-no in the US.

As for the movie itself, I guess one should not take it too seriously. Its style is more like a Hong Kong movie, 很搞笑。

ps. Sorry, it would take me forever to write this in Chinese.

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