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From little kids to friends for life

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More than 45 years ago, we started a new life together, as the first graders at Hangzhou Jianguo Er'xiao (No. 2 Elementary School).

Some of us were friends on and off, and some of us hardly ever spoke to one other. Regardless, we were classmates, for better or worse, for the next 8-9 years. (Yes, we stayed together when we moved on to Hangzhou No. 8 Middle School.) A few of us remained classmates even in high school.

Back then, a few months of age difference meant a year difference in age, and even more... Most of us were PIGS, but I was a (little) rate (and remain so).

We met for lunch and tea, for laughters and joy, on April 30, 2013. I was lucky to be part of the gathering since I was too busy to call anyone until 9 am... The rest was a fun-filled day. Even rain had to stop for the Sun to come out...

Let's meet again before long!

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