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How to fish: advice for those would-be post docs

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More than 25 years ago, I was searching for a Ph.D. adviser in the US. I was not thinking of the reputation of a university (though I should); instead, I was “professor picking.” I “studied” each professor I was going to write a letter to, and applied to three. The end results: I was offered a full “RA” by a professor, I was put on a wait list for spring semester by another, and I was turned down by a school (because I didn’t have TOEFL or GRE). I thought that I was doing the right thing by “studying” these future professors, namely their publicasions. I wanted to make sure I would study under the “right type” of professors. My efforts paid off.

Today, I received a nice email from a very able Ph.D. His English writing was pretty good (even by my high standard as an English editor), and his CV was strong, too. HOWEVER, he had no clue about who I am and what I can (and cannot) do. So, I thought I should at least let him know how to find a good match for his next step (up), by writing this Blog for him.

Good luck, P.J.

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