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科技英语写作基础(for SIO):阅读摘要on atmospheric forced changes

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The goal is to learn how to write better.


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Advective and atmospheric forced changes in heat and fresh water content in the Norwegian Sea, 1951–2010



Climate variability in the Norwegian Sea was investigated in terms of ocean heat and fresh water contents of Atlantic water above a reference surface, using hydrographic data during spring 1951–2010. The main processes acting on this variability were examined and then quantified. The area-averaged water mass cooled and freshened, but a deepening of the reference surface resulted in a positive trend in the heat content of 0.3 W m−2. Air-sea heat fluxes explained about half of the interannual variability in heat content. The effect of the advection of Atlantic and Arctic waters on the variability varied with time, apparently due to large-scale changes in the ocean circulation. The data are consistent with the explanationthat changing wind patterns caused buffering and then release of Arctic water in the Iceland Sea during the late 1960s to early 1970s, and this caused large hydrographic changes in the Norwegian Sea.

1)   fresh water: freshwater is ONE word when used as adj.

2)   reference surface: should be reference level, which is used in the main body of the paper.

3)   acting on: better to use “responsible for.”

4)   resulted in a positive trend in the heat content of 0.3 W m−2: a positive trend of 0.3 W m-2 in heat content.

5)   effect of the advection: advection effect.

6)   The data are consistent with the explanation: The data supports…

7)   “during the late 1960s to early 1970s,”: during the late-1960 to early-1970s;

Follow me, if you want to improve your writing:


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