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This is different. This was done to citizens of another country, not even POWs, and with almost certainty done with a consent of that country's government at the time. USA can feel a lot of guilt about it, but we were not at war with that country, were not occupying that country at that time, and didn't enforce this crime with any kind of US government force. We have here something to be ashamed of, no question about it, but Guatemala should blame their own people first and foremost for what has happened.
Because it would not have happened in case their government, that is some Guatemalan people, would not have given a green light for that. I don't give a **** whether we bribed them, blackmailed them into this or whatever it is .. if their government would have said "No", none of these would have happened. So. as always .. the government of the country bears most of responsibility for whatever happens in the country. By becoming a government they signed up for that responsibility. I don't think USA should even apologize for that.. Should we call this regretful? Fine. But it should be understood that it happened because of executive decision of someone who is not under American jurisdiction. Period.




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