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2022 QIMS Oct, Nov, and Dec issues 部分文章选

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Vol 12, No 12 (December 2022): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Prediction of prostate cancer recurrence after radiation therapy using multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy: assessment of prognostic factors on pretreatment imaging

Audrey Asuncion, Paul Michael Walker, Aurélie Bertaut, Julie Blanc, Maxime Labarre, Etienne Martin, Florian Bardet, Jeremy Cassin, Luc Cormier, Gilles Crehange, Romaric Loffroy, Alexandre Cochet PDF Pages: 5309-5325 Full Text (145)

High-quality PET image synthesis from ultra-low-dose PET/MRI using bi-task deep learning

Hanyu Sun, Yongluo Jiang, Jianmin Yuan, Haining Wang, Dong Liang, Wei Fan, Zhanli Hu, Na Zhang PDF Pages: 5326-5342 Full Text (107)

Iodine map histogram metrics in early-stage breast cancer: prediction of axillary lymph node metastasis status

Fang Zeng, Lili Chen, Lin Lin, Hanglin Hu, Jing Li, Peng He, Chuang Wang, Yunjing Xue. PDF Pages: 5358-5370 Full Text (70)

Morphological changes in the orifices of the left atrial appendage and left atrium in patients with atrial fibrillation

Xin Tian, Cen Wang, Duo Gao, Bu-Lang Gao, Cai-Ying Li. PDF Pages: 5371-5382 Full Text (65)

Quantitative chest CT assessment of pulmonary alveolar proteinosis with deep learning: a real-world longitudinal study

Shenyun Shi, Ruyi Zou, Lulu Chen, Shangwen Yang, Kaifeng Xu, Xiaoyan Xin, Yonglong Xiao. PDF Pages: 5394-5403 Full Text (66)

Preoperative evaluation of liver regeneration following hepatectomy in hepatocellular carcinoma using magnetic resonance elastography

Tong Zhang, Qian Li, Yi Wei, Shan Yao, Yuan Yuan, Liping Deng, Dongbo Wu, Lisha Nie, Xiaocheng Wei, Hehan Tang, Bin Song. PDF Pages: 5433-5451 Full Text (63)

Development and internal validation of a conventional ultrasound-based nomogram for predicting malignant nonmasslike breast lesions

Xian Lin, Shulian Zhuang, Shuang Yang, Danhui Lai, Miao Chen, Jianxing Zhang. PDF Pages: 5452-5461 Full Text (60)

Vol 12, No 11 (November 2022): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Performance variability of radiomics machine learning models for the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer in heterogeneous MRI datasets.

Eva Gresser, Balthasar Schachtner, Anna Theresa Stüber, Olga Solyanik, Andrea Schreier, Thomas Huber, Matthias Frank Froelich, Giuseppe Magistro, Alexander Kretschmer, Christian Stief, Jens Ricke, Michael Ingrisch, Dominik Nörenberg PDF Pages: 4990-5003 Full Text (368)

Differentiation of predominantly osteolytic from osteoblastic spinal metastases based on standard magnetic resonance imaging sequences: a comparison of radiomics model versus semantic features logistic regression model findings

Ke Liu, Yang Zhang, Qizheng Wang, Yongye Chen, Siyuan Qin, Peijin Xin, Weili Zhao, Enlong Zhang, Ke Nie, Ning Lang. PDF Pages: 5004-5017 Full Text (289)

Carotid tortuosity is associated with extracranial carotid artery aneurysms

Constance J. H. C. M. van Laarhoven, Saskia I. Willemsen, Jurre Klaassen, Evelien E. de Vries, Quirine M. J. van der Vliet, Constantijn E. V. B. Hazenberg, Michiel L. Bots, Gert J. de Borst; Carotid Aneurysm Registry (CAR) study group . PDF Pages: 5018-5029 Full Text (230)

Enhanced ultrasound-guided versus non-enhanced ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle biopsy in tissue cellularity of lung malignancies: a propensity score matched study

Dazhi Zhou, Yuxin Zhang, Wuxi Chen, Juhong Jiang, Yanbin Chen, Xinghua Zhou, Qing Tang. PDF Pages: 5056-5067 Full Text (193)

The role of paraspinal muscle degeneration in coronal imbalance in patients with degenerative scoliosis

Abdukahar Kiram, Zongshan Hu, Gene Chi-Wai Man, Hongru Ma, Jie Li, Yanjie Xu, Zhikai Qian, Zezhang Zhu, Zhen Liu, Yong Qiu. PDF Pages: 5101-5113 Full Text (177)

Assessment of COVID-19 lung involvement on computed tomography by deep-learning-, threshold-, and human reader-based approaches—an international, multi-center comparative study

Philipp Fervers, Florian Fervers, Astha Jaiswal, Miriam Rinneburger, Mathilda Weisthoff, Philip Pollmann-Schweckhorst, Jonathan Kottlors, Heike Carolus, Simon Lennartz, David Maintz, Rahil Shahzad, Thorsten Persigehl. PDF Pages: 5156-5170 Full Text (198)

Incorporating multiple magnetic resonance diffusion models to differentiate low- and high-grade adult gliomas: a machine learning approach

Junqi Xu, Yan Ren, Xueying Zhao, Xiaoqing Wang, Xuchen Yu, Zhenwei Yao, Yan Zhou, Xiaoyuan Feng, Xiaohong Joe Zhou, He Wang. PDF Pages: 5171-5183 Full Text (210)

Comparison of contrast-enhanced ultrasound characteristics of inflammatory thyroid nodules and papillary thyroid carcinomas using a quantitative time-intensity curve: a propensity score matching analysis

Peidi Zhang, Haijing Liu, Xiao Yang, Lina Pang, Fen Gu, Jiani Yuan, Lei Ding, Jun Zhang, Wen Luo. PDF Pages: 5209-5221 Full Text (154) Reporting Checklist COI Form Open Access Get Permission

The predictive potential of contrast-enhanced computed tomography based radiomics in the preoperative staging of cT4 gastric cancer

Bo Liu, Dengyun Zhang, He Wang, Hexiang Wang, Pengfei Zhang, Dawei Zhang, Qun Zhang, Jian Zhang. PDF Pages: 5222-5238 Full Text (143)

A nomogram based on 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT and clinical features to predict epidermal growth factor receptor mutation status in patients with lung adenocarcinoma

Yue Guo, Hui Zhu, Congxia Chen, Xu Li, Fugeng Liu, Zhiming Yao. PDF Pages: 5239-5250 Full Text (146)

The spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging proton density fat fraction (MRI-PDFF), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), and two different histopathologic methods (artificial intelligence vs. pathologist) in quantifying hepatic steatosis

Jeong Woo Kim, Chang Hee Lee, Zepa Yang, Baek-Hui Kim, Young-Sun Lee, Kyeong Ah Kim. PDF Pages: 5251-5262 Full Text (202)

Intraoperative identification of pulmonary nodules during minimally invasive thoracic surgery: a narrative review

Lu Tang, Yiheng Zhang, Yue Wang. PDF Pages: 5271-5287 Full Text (165)

Vol 12, No 10 (October 2022): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Assessment of dynamic corneal nerve changes using static landmarks by in vivo large-area confocal microscopy—a longitudinal proof-of-concept study

Nadine Stache, Katharina A. Sterenczak, Karsten Sperlich, Carl F. Marfurt, Stephan Allgeier, Bernd Köhler, Ralf Mikut, Andreas Bartschat, Klaus-Martin Reichert, Rudolf F. Guthoff, Angrit Stachs, Oliver Stachs, Sebastian Bohn PDF Pages: 4734-4746 Full Text (341)

A deep learning-based post-processing method for automated pulmonary lobe and airway trees segmentation using chest CT images in PET/CT. Haiqun Xing, Xin Zhang, Yingbin Nie, Sicong Wang, Tong Wang, Hongli Jing, Fang Li PDF Pages: 4747-4757 Full Text (362)

Wavelet transformation can enhance computed tomography texture features: a multicenter radiomics study for grade assessment of COVID-19 pulmonary lesions

Zekun Jiang, Jin Yin, Peilun Han, Nan Chen, Qingbo Kang, Yue Qiu, Yiyue Li, Qicheng Lao, Miao Sun, Dan Yang, Shan Huang, Jiajun Qiu, Kang Li. PDF Pages: 4758-4770 Full Text (475)

Early evaluation of subclinical cardiotoxicity in patients with lung cancer receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors by cardiovascular magnetic resonance: a prospective observational study

Jia Liu, Yukun Cao, Kuikui Zhu, Sheng Yao, Mei Yuan, Xiangchuang Kong, Xiaoming Liu, Yumin Li, Yue Cui, Xiaoyu Han, Xiaoyue Zhou, Rui Meng, Heshui Shi. PDF Pages: 4771-4785 Full Text (372)

Segmentation of the prostate, its zones, anterior fibromuscular stroma, and urethra on the MRIs and multimodality image fusion using U-Net model

Seyed Masoud Rezaeijo, Shabnam Jafarpoor Nesheli, Mehdi Fatan Serj, Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani. PDF Pages: 4786-4804 Full Text (313)

Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in the differentiation between glioma recurrence and pseudoprogression: a systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression

Jun Zhang, Yulin Wang, Yan Wang, Huafeng Xiao, Xinjing Chen, Yifei Lei, Zhebin Feng, Xiaodong Ma, Lin Ma. PDF Pages: 4805-4822 Full Text (357)

Soft tissue sarcoma: correlation of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging features with HIF-1α expression and patient outcomes

Xiangwen Li, Yuxue Xie, Yiwen Hu, Rong Lu, Qing Li, Bo Xiong, Hongyue Tao, Shuang Chen PDF Pages: 4823-4836 Full Text (338)

Sono-assisted-thrombolysis by three-dimensional diagnostic ultrasound improves epicardial recanalization and microvascular perfusion in acute myocardial infarction

Shifeng Qiu, Shenrong Zhong, Qian Feng, Yuegang Wang, Danxia Li, Junzhen Zhan, Chuangye Lyu, Zhe Deng, Daogang Zha, Juefei Wu. PDF Pages: 4852-4864 Full Text (264)

MR neurography of lumbosacral nerve roots for differentiating chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy from acquired axonal polyneuropathies: a cross-sectional study

Fei Wu, Weiwei Wang, Yang Yang, Chong Li, Jie Wu, Hanqiu Liu, Yan Ren. PDF Pages: 4875-4884 Full Text (277)

Development and validation of a clinical-radiomics nomogram for predicting a poor outcome and 30-day mortality after a spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage.

Yuanliang Xie, Faxiang Chen, Hui Li, Yan Wu, Hua Fu, Qing Zhong, Jun Chen, Xiang Wang PDF Pages: 4900-4913 Full Text (421)

Effect of abdominal adipose content on spine phantom bone mineral density measured by rapid kilovoltage-switching dual-energy CT and quantitative CT.

Hang Ye, Xiaoyang Li, Ning Yao, Yuting Shi, Yujiao Wang, Wanjiang Yu. PDF Pages: 4914-4923 Full Text (244)

Predictive value of thrombolysis in myocardial infarction frame count for coronary microvascular dysfunction evaluated with an angiography-derived index of microcirculatory resistance in patients with coronary slow flow.

Menghuan Li, Hu Su, Ming Jiang, Zhi Zuo, Zhenyang Su, Lijun Hao, Jiaming Yang, Zhiyong Zhang, Hui Wang, Xiangqing Kong. PDF Pages: 4942-4952 Full Text (366)

Increased tissue water in patients with severe sepsis affects tissue oxygenation measured by near-infrared spectroscopy: a prospective, observational case-control study

Chin-Kuo Lin, Shaw-Woei Leu, Ying-Huang Tsai, Shao-Kui Zhou, Chieh-Mo Lin, Shu-Yi Huang, Che-Chia Chang, Meng-Chin Ho, Wei-Chun Lee, Min-Chi Chen, Ming-Szu Hung, Yu-Ching Lin, Jhe-Ruei Li, Bor-Shyh Lin. PDF Pages: 4953-4967 Full Text (417) 


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