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2021 QIMS Jan issue

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Vol 11, No 1 (January 2021): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Brief Report

Efficacy of endotracheal tube suctioning in intubated intensive care unit patients determined by in vivo catheter-based optical coherence tomography—a pilot study

Roshan Dsouza, Darold R. Spillman Jr, Ronit Barkalifa, Guillermo L. Monroy, Eric J. Chaney, Mark A. Johnson, Karen C. White, Stephen A. Boppart

PDF Pages: 1-8 Full Text (893)

Original Article

PDF Pages: 21-31 Full Text (657) COI Form Open Access Get Permission

Slice-stacking T2-weighted MRI for fast determination of internal target volume for liver tumor

Silu Han, Xiao Liang, Tian Li, Fang-Fang Yin, Jing Cai

PDF Pages: 32-42 Full Text (704)

Comparison of plaque characteristics of small and large subcortical infarctions in the middle cerebral artery territory using high-resolution magnetic resonance vessel wall imaging

Tingting Zhu, Lijie Ren, Lei Zhang, Yinghui Shao, Liwen Wan, Ye Li, Dong Liang, Hairong Zheng, Xin Liu, Na Zhang

PDF Pages: 57-66 Full Text (760)

Fully automatic deep learning trained on limited data for carotid artery segmentation from large image volumes

Tianshu Zhou, Tao Tan, Xiaoyan Pan, Hui Tang, Jingsong Li

PDF Pages: 67-83 Full Text (1310)

Age-related changes of standardized uptake values in the blood pool and liver: a decade-long retrospective study of the outcomes of 2,526 subjects

Yuan Cao, Ke Zhou, Wei Diao, Xipeng Long, Fangfang Tian, Minggang Su, Zhiyun Jia

PDF Pages: 95-106 Full Text (2883)

Algorithms applied to spatially registered multi-parametric MRI for prostate tumor volume measurement

Rulon Mayer, Charles B. Simone II, Baris Turkbey, Peter Choyke

PDF Pages: 119-132

Unusual uptakes on 18F-fluorocholine positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT): a retrospective study of 368 prostate cancer patients referred for a biochemical recurrence or an initial staging

Antoine Roland, Clément Drouet, Hatem Boulahdour, Alexandre Cochet, Berardino De Bari

PDF Pages: 172-182 Full Text (1199)

The potential role of leukoaraiosis in remodeling the brain network to buffer cognitive decline: a Leukoaraiosis And Disability study from Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Wei Chen, Hai Lin, Minrui Lyu, Victoria J. Wang, Xiang Li, Shixing Bao, Guoping Sun, Jun Xia, Peijun Wang, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

PDF Pages: 183-203 Full Text (914)

18F-FDG PET-based radiomics model for predicting occult lymph node metastasis in clinical N0 solid lung adenocarcinoma

Lili Wang, Tiancheng Li, Junjie Hong, Mingyue Zhang, Mingli Ouyang, Xiangwu Zheng, Kun Tang

PDF Pages: 215-225 Full Text (640)

Impact of preset and postset adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction-V on image quality in nonenhanced abdominal-pelvic CT on wide-detector revolution CT

Zheng Zhu, Yanfeng Zhao, Xinming Zhao, Xiaoyi Wang, Weijun Yu, Mancang Hu, Xuan Zhang, Chunwu Zhou

PDF Pages: 264-275 Full Text (658)

Optical coherence tomography and plaque morphology for revascularization of the superficial femoral artery

Jacob W. Hartwig, Drew J. Braet, Jamie B. Smith, Jonathan Bath, Todd R. Vogel

PDF Pages: 290-299 Full Text (681)


Deep learning reconstruction versus iterative reconstruction for cardiac CT angiography in a stroke imaging protocol: reduced radiation dose and improved image quality

Angélique Bernard, Pierre-Olivier Comby, Brivaël Lemogne, Karim Haioun, Frédéric Ricolfi, Olivier Chevallier, Romaric Loffroy

PDF Pages: 392-401 Full Text (1740) 


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