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2021 QIMS special issue: Optical Imaging

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Vol 11, No 3 (March 2021): Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery

Original Article

Robust three-dimensional registration on optical coherence tomography angiography for speckle reduction and visualization

Yuxuan Cheng, Zhongdi Chu, Ruikang K. Wang

PDF Pages: 879-894

Automatic 3D adaptive vessel segmentation based on linear relationship between intensity and complex-decorrelation in optical coherence tomography angiography

Yiming Zhang, Huakun Li, Tongtong Cao, Ruixiang Chen, Haixia Qiu, Ying Gu, Peng Li

PDF Pages: 895-906

Optical coherence tomography angiography measures blood pulsatile waveforms at variable tissue depths

Zhiying Xie, Geng Wang, Yuxuan Cheng, Qinqin Zhang, Minh Nhan Le, Ruikang K. Wang

PDF Pages: 907-917

High resolution optical coherence elastography of retina under prosthetic electrode

Runze Li, Zhaodong Du, Xuejun Qian, Yan Li, Juan-Carlos Martinez-Camarillo, Laiming Jiang, Mark S. Humayun, Zhongping Chen, Qifa Zhou

PDF Pages: 918-927

Optical coherence tomography angiography distortion correction in widefield montage images

Nihaal Mehta, Yuxuan Cheng, A. Yasin Alibhai, Jay S. Duker, Ruikang K. Wang, Nadia K. Waheed

PDF Pages: 928-938

Quantitative research on the interaction between cerebral edema and peripheral cerebral blood perfusion using swept-source optical coherence tomography

Jian Liu, Yan Li, Yang Lin, Ziyue Meng, Xuyang Guo, Yao Yu, Zhenhe Ma

PDF Pages: 939-947

Impact of ocular magnification on retinal and choriocapillaris blood flow quantification in myopia with swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography

Yining Dai, Chen Xin, Qinqin Zhang, Zhongdi Chu, Hao Zhou, Xiao Zhou, Liya Qiao, Ruikang K. Wang

PDF Pages: 948-956

PDF Pages: 957-968

VasoMetrics: unbiased spatiotemporal analysis of microvascular diameter in multi-photon imaging applications

Konnor P. McDowell, Andrée-Anne Berthiaume, Taryn Tieu, David A. Hartmann, Andy Y. Shih

PDF Pages: 969-982

Wide field-of-view volumetric imaging by a mesoscopic scanning oblique plane microscopy with switchable objective lenses

Wenjun Shao, Kivilcim Kilic, Wenqing Yin, Gregory Wirak, Xiaodan Qin, Hui Feng, David Boas, Christopher V. Gabel, Ji Yi

PDF Pages: 983-997

Near-infrared temperature-switchable fluorescence nanoparticles

Shuai Yu, Zhen Wang, Tingfeng Yao, Baohong Yuan

PDF Pages: 1010-1022

Spectral response of optical fiber probe with closely spaced fibers

Steven L. Jacques

PDF Pages: 1023-1032 F

Live feedback and 3D photoacoustic remote sensing

Saad Abbasi, Kevan Bell, Benjamin Ecclestone, Parsin Haji Reza

PDF Pages: 1033-1045

3D Monte Carlo simulation of light distribution in mouse brain in quantitative photoacoustic computed tomography

Yuqi Tang, Junjie Yao

PDF Pages: 1046-1059

Virtually structured detection enables super-resolution ophthalmoscopy of rod and cone photoreceptors in human retina

Yiming Lu, Taeyoon Son, Tae-Hoon Kim, David Le, Xincheng Yao

PDF Pages: 1060-1069

Brief Report

Towards virtual biopsies of gastrointestinal tissues using photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy

Benjamin R. Ecclestone, Saad Abbasi, Kevan Bell, Deepak Dinakaran, Gilbert Bigras, John R. Mackey, Parsin Haji Reza

PDF Pages: 1070-1077


Review Article


Advances in stimulated Raman scattering imaging for tissues and animals

Lingyan Shi, Anthony A. Fung, Andy Zhou

PDF Pages: 1078-1101

Differential artery-vein analysis in quantitative retinal imaging: a review

Minhaj Nur Alam, David Le, Xincheng Yao

PDF Pages: 1102-1119

Artifacts and artifact removal in optical coherence tomographic angiography

Tristan T. Hormel, David Huang, Yali Jia

PDF Pages: 1120-1133 


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