Front. Mech. Eng. Vol.13, No.2, 2018 Table of Contents

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Reconfigurable manufacturing systems: Principles, design, and future trends

Yoram Koren, Xi Gu & Weihong Guo

Smart manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0: Conceptual framework, scenarios, and future perspectives

Pai Zheng, Honghui wang, Zhiqian Sang, Ray Y. Zhong, Yongkui Liu, Chao Liu, Khamdi Mubarok, Shiqiang Yu & Xun Xu

Motion control of multi-actuator hydraulic systems for mobile machineries: Recent advancements and future trends

Bing Xu & Min Cheng

Evaluation of the power consumption of a high-speed parallel robot

Gang Han, Fugui Xie & Xin-Jun Liu

Model-based nonlinear control of hydraulic servo systems: Challenges, developments and perspectives

Jianyong Yao

Conceptual design and kinematic analysis of a novel parallel robot for high-speed pick-and-place operations

Qizhi Meng, Fugui Xie & Xin-Jun Liu

Digital switched hydraulics

Min Pan & Andrew Plummer

Tool path strategy and cutting process monitoring in intelligent machining

Ming Chen, Chengdong Wang, Qinglong An & Weiwei Ming

Experimental study of surface integrity and fatigue life in the face milling of inconel 718

Xiangyu Wang, Chuanzhen Huang, Bin Zou, Guoliang Liu, Hongtao Zhu & Jun Wang

A review on ductile mode cutting of brittle materials

Elijah Kwabena Antwi, Kui Liu & Hao Wang

Basic research on machinery fault diagnostics: Past, present, and future trends

Xuefeng Chen, Shibin Wang, Baijie Qiao & Qiang Chen

Non-stationary signal analysis based on general parameterized time–frequency transform and its application in the feature extraction of a rotary machine

Peng Zhou, Zhike Peng, Shiqian Chen, Yang Yang & Wenming Zhang

An adaptive data-driven method for accurate prediction of remaining useful life of rolling bearings

Yanfeng Peng, Junsheng Cheng, Yanfei Liu, Xuejun Li & Zhihua Peng

Review of pantograph and catenary interaction

Weihua Zhang, Dong Zou, Mengying Tan, Ning Zhou, Ruiping Li & Guiming Mei

System and prospects of China’s intercity rail transit technology

Ming Gong

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