DICOM & its operation with python
2019-5-7 13:20
we define the standard DICOM patient-based coordinate system: x, y and z axes. If Anatomical Orientation Type is absent, the x-axis is increasing to the left hand side of the patient. The y-axis is increasing to the posterior side of the patient. The z-axis is increasing toward the head of the p ...
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[转载][Python] 异常try-except-else,try-finally,raise
2019-5-6 19:43
一、try-except-else 使用except而不带任何异常类型 你可以不带任何异常类型使用except,如下实例: try: 正常的操作 ...................... except: 发生异常,执行这块代码 ...................... else: ...
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[转载]Anaconda installation and path configuration on windows
2019-4-29 21:41
Download Anaconda from the official website Select the default options Check whether Jupyter can be run successfully by entering jupyter notebook 4. If you didn’t check the add Anaconda to path argument during the installation process, you will have to add python and conda t ...
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[转载]Residual blocks--Building blocks of ResNet
2019-4-28 21:15
Understanding a residual block is quite easy. In traditional neural networks, each layer feeds into the next layer. In a network with residual blocks, each layer feeds into the next layer and directly into the layers about 2–3 hops away. That’s it. But understanding the intuition behind why it w ...
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common usage of Pandas
2019-4-5 16:05
read_csv(filepath, usecols) e.g., subnames_no_MPR = pd.read_csv(filepath, delimiter=',', usecols = ); usecols: Return a subset of the columns. If list-like, all elements must either be positional (i.e. integer indices into the document columns) or strings that correspond to col ...
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Keyboard shortcuts for the Jupyter Notebook
2019-4-3 17:38
Ctrl+Enter: run the script Alt+Enter: run yourcell block and add a new cell below Scroll up and down your cells with your Up and Down keys
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[转载]Basic Concepts of Series and DataFrame in Pandas
2019-4-2 22:03
From: two types of data structures in pandas: Series and DataFrames (1) Series: a pandas S ...
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