2020-4-15 09:44
骨赘,多为关节面上所遭受的压力不平衡所致。关节骨、软骨、周围组织磨损、骨化,在表面或边缘形成“唇型增生”,X线片显示骨边缘密度增大,称为骨赘。常见于腰椎、膝关节、髋关节和肘关节。 骨刺,是骨质增生的俗称,由骨向外长出形如“刺样”的骨性凸起,在骨赘的基础上继续发展,变长、变尖,可无骨赘单独存在。常 ...
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[转载]discription of rib diseases
2019-6-13 21:40
Most broken ribs heal on their own within six weeks. Restricting activities and icing the area regularly can help with healing and pain relief. It's important to obtain adequate pain relief — if it hurts to breathe deeply, you may develop pneumonia.
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ADNI Introduction--Experimental conclusion
2019-3-14 10:49
Studies using ADNI cross-sectional and longitudinal data from multiple modalities have reported that: 面向ADNI 多模态的 横向与纵向数据的研究表明: AD pathology is already present in people with no outward sign of memory loss and these cognitively normal people may already have subtle brai ...
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