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Human Body Asymmetry Theory

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Human Body Asymmetry Theory


Liu Yan-Ling

Department of Anatomy

Baotou school of Medicine

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

R.P. China


    There are various asymmetric phenomena in the nature. For example, the optical isomerism, structural isomerism and stereo-isomerism in organic Compound; the law of unconservation of energy in physics. Many asymmetric phenomena also exist in human body. For instance, sex chromosome X and Y are nearly without any homologous site; the asymmetric function of left and right cerebral hemisphere; the pathogensis of pulmonary carcinosis in left and right lungs, the pathogensis of mastocarcinoma in left and right breast are asymmetrically too. The author discovered and researched independent such a series problems of asymmetry in human body, assumed that should be helpful for the research of life process, etiology and pathology. Therefor he advanced a new theory-------Human Body Asymmetry Theory.

Definition: Human body asymmetry theory may be defined as a new subject for researching the occurrence mechanism and progress regularity of the asymmetry difference in morphology, function and Pathological process. It includes the asymmetric phenomena and their occurrence mechanism in morphology, physiology and pathology of human body, and their diagnosis and treatment relativity.

The symmetry and asymmetry of human body exist together and relativity. The author suggested three basic law about the occurrence mechanism of the asymmetry in human body.

1. The vascular position effect.

In the process of the organism development, the position of the blood Vessel inclining to one side or the blood current flowing superiority to one side should cause the symmetric organism appearing quantitative differences i morphology, which influence their function unequally, such as the quantitative difference in both side of the upper and lower extremity.

2. The information correlation effect

   In the process of activity of the organism, there are some quantitative differences between both side of the body for acceptant information from inner and outer environment. These differences should cause asymmetry in mophology and function with quantitative and qualitative differentiation. Such as the asymmetry of the function in left and right cerebral hemisphere.

3. The organ appoximation effect.

In the process of development of the Symmetric organs, the difference of the environment from their neighboring organs with different tissues should cause some differentiation in them passively. Such as the position of Kidney, the right kidney is slightly lower than the left, probably because of the liver.

The asymmetry of human body exists objectivity. There is some relationship between this distinguishing feature with their pathogenic weakness. Such as the higher incidence of pulmonary carcinosis in the right lung is caused by the distinguishing feature of the right main bronchus, the right main bronchus passes to the hilum of the right lung and is more vertical than the left. It is shorter, bigger and more steep which determined more acceptant information of outer carcinogenic factors than the left one. This is accorded with the information correlation effect property.

The incidence of the mastocarcinoma of the left breast is more higher than the right side. According to the analysis of the information correlation effect. We found the habit of lactation of human being deviation to the right side. It explains the development of mastocarcinoma having relations with lactation. Therefore, this theory suggests a new method for research of tumor and other diseases.



                                             29 September 1990 


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