If I Can Choose Again

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      Twinkling of an eye, four year university life has gone from us, not in here. Looking at the new school junior a lower classwoman, memory album, had only stayed in cyberspace blooming alone.
       Yes, Time off too fast , so when I want to figure out how it is when the university , my youth has been lost in that time where youth has been lost in the time of passing away. Opened the graduation album, graduated as the blossom of expression, cocktail party which is happy and sad, like once once yesterday, in the mind! Album even though the leaving time is most worth to miss people and things, but it left too much regret! The pictures I regret we should according to the words did not say, do not do... In those years, those people and those things!
Brewing feelings really need to reveal the truth in a moment , not false , not contrived, not bullsh . From that time wanted to leave school graduation leave text, pay homage to those who belong to the wonderful time we have traveled together , but the total can not open the head , I began to fear sensational

       We have always been as low-key, low-key until the end. A start was not aware I started out , but slowly become a stranger , and never go into each life a deliberately 。

      Words hit me , I think this is a little too much , people have changed the feeling particularly depressed when a person is very active . Once again came to Nanjing city , especially in the coming weeks to be another campus . Lianju leisure time walking in the campus once again stroll on the road , classrooms , parks , stadiums , botanical gardens , libraries , etc. , first variety miss, and then reflect on how many times he had been so childish quarrel with you , and now want some warm, somewhat apologetically . An eloquent beginning to write to several pages , it could not stand to look back only slowly cutting, over and over again , until not be much .

    For the impression of the city of nanjing is better, but the most on the campus is one of the most beautiful memory, I think a large part of the reason is that go hand in hand with her. University first let's know, just not so deep, perhaps this is the fate. Want to let a person to play well enough, my freshman year to make so many friends, into the community, cycling to wander, and then various part-time sophomore, in all those are just a little ornament in the university life. At that time is not determined, from side to side, to see a lot of people, now found that all is just a passing clouds. Really settled down to reproduce because she is at the right time, in a different identity. The badminton is a cable, we tied together, let's really the beginning of the communication and contact. Ever really have a song about us two, now put it here, after many years, can take out to ponder.
"I want you to hear the song, will think of me"

When I sang this song - gently

Fingers pluck the guitar  They think of -

You look and you will laugh eyelashes

Think of you - at first glance

So let me move -

Now I sing this song -

Singing my missing - carefully

That is my open snow lotus - in plateau

I can see the beauty of the world - I sing

Your world - and I can think of

Pure white snow will bloom - your smiling face

I don't want you to hear my deep feeling -

Don't you touched my persistent -

I as long as you hear this song will think of me -

I want you to hear this song will think of me -

Think of how I stare at you figure - the

And incoherent I introduce myself

Think of happy - I wish you happiness

I want you to hear this song will think of me -

The boy waving the racket and sweat -

- and I did not say exports

Want to take you to ride a bike to see the sunrise in the sea

I want you to hear this song will think of me -

I - in the southland snowy day

Plays the guitar and sing - for you

You can't hear it mattered -

This missing than Snow White

The first song sing for you in my life

Deeply intoxicated you wonderful world

Sang this song of wulitou

The march of sadness, joy

La la la la la la la la la

Remember once had me

Remember my

       Look again space before hair on the day of the service: "who can understand my inner struggle, know that choice is helpless, either is our favorite people and favorite major, or seems brighter prospects, dazzling light repeatedly school, but the north drift life alone." Now it seems it is not so say so helpless, no one forced me to sit with the choice of one side, just they are vanity, the kind of admiring eyes to the eyes of others, made a stupid choice. Now what's the use of even his guts MeiQing, so later when choose carefully.

       Have you walk first one step, or I previously violated his own ideal and faith, who can blame, no longer sad. The sun still rises every day, no matter the clouds were not; The setting sun is still so beautiful, no matter where people appreciate! Suddenly, I understand a truth: although college time has not, even though those years and those things can't again for himself, in spite of those years of those things we waste a lot! But after sunset, is still a sunrise, the sun is shining. We can't live in the shadow of the past, though those are things we can't forget in my life. As long as we can like red sun rises every day, take seriously every day, every day we will be very fascinating! Those in the past, let it stay in memory, sometimes from the dusty memory to recall, in those years, those things is an indispensable part of our whole life!

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