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Amessage alooper ahandler ALooperRoster
2014-11-24 15:08
1. struct ALooperRoster controls every looper. deliverMessage 2. Alooper structure: friend struct ALooperRoster; struct Event { int64_t mWhenUs; spAMessage mMessage; &n ...
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Linear regression
2013-12-2 19:48
I try to write andrew ML ex1 with pyton to learn, as the saying goes Practice Makes good.Linear regression. from numpy import * def loadData(fileName): fr = open(fileName) numFeat = len(open(fileName).readline().split(',')) - 1 ...
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what? 一种分类的方法,Largest Margin, max w min i (WXi+b) 最大的Margin why? 支持向量的名字的来源 The points closest to the separating hyperplane are known as support vectors(最接近超平面的点) Margin: Distance of closest example from the decision line/hyperplane make our classifier ...
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