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Before you read this Blog, I have a short story to share with you.

One day many months ago, a colleague asked me how I was going to make a living in a few years when MACHINE will be translating, say English into Chinese, or vice verse. I didn't know how to answer his question, and became worried (because I was planning to be a full-time freelance English editor).
So, I went home and did my homework, by asking the machine to translate a page for me online. Guess what happened?

This is what a machine can do for us, in terms of translation. Enjoy

Wikipedia card
临床营养学是关于食物中营养素的性质,分布,代谢作用以及食物摄入不足的后果的一门科学。 Journal of Clinical Nutrition is about the nature of nutrients in food, distribution, metabolism and food intake in the consequences of a science.
临床营养学中的营养素是指食物中能被吸收及用于增进健康的化学物。 In Clinical Nutrition is the food nutrients can be absorbed and used to improve the health of the chemicals.
某些营养素是必需的,因为它们不能被机体合成,因此必须从食物中获得。 Certain nutrients are necessary because they can not synthesized by the body and therefore must obtain from food.
对患者来说,合理平衡的营养饮食极为重要。 For patients, a reasonable balance diet is extremely important.
“医食同源,药食同根”,表明营养饮食和药物对于治疗疾病有异曲同工之处。 "Medical and Edible food and medicine from the same root", that diet and medication for the treatment of diseases would be similar.
合理的营养饮食可提高机体预防疾病、抗手术和麻醉的能力。 A reasonable diet can improve the body to prevent disease, the ability of anti-surgery and anesthesia.

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