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《基因》(Genes,2021IF为4.096 / JCR分区Q2)专题征文:《纤维作物遗传学》(Genetics of fiber crops)正在征稿(2022年 ),旨在让更多大同行了解棉麻类纤维作物研究。涵盖纤维作物遗传育种、种质资源、分子遗传学、基因编辑、“组学”等内容,欢迎各位积极投稿!

专题编委:张立武(福建农林大学教授/麻类专业委员会副会长),Haseena Khan (孟加拉国达卡大学教授),Gea Guerriero(卢森堡科学技术研究院



Fiber crops mainly include cotton, jute, flax, ramie, hemp, kenaf, sisal, and so on. They are cultivated for natural fiber production, which is required for producing economic and eco-friendly products. Classical genetics was the central point for improving fiber crops through traditional breeding approaches notably phenotypic-based selection and crossing plants in the field. With the integration of next-generation high throughput techniques for sequencing in life science in recent decades, the application of forward or reverse genetics including QTL mapping and cloning, genomics, marker-aided selection, gene editing, and others have been accomplished. Reference genomes for major fiber crops including cotton, jute, kenaf, ramie, hemp, and flax were released, which helped scientists to explore function genomics, genomic resequencing, and identification of genes linked with desired agronomic traits, and molecular markers such as SNPs, and InDels. Accordingly, marker-centered breeding techniques have been established in fiber crops. Novel technologies remarkably GAB (genome aided breeding) and gene-editing techniques such as with CRISPR Cas9 have been established. A single plant genomics has shown disadvantages of not providing a compressive genetic diversity within a species, hence the adoption of pangenomics, which represent a repertoire diversity of a species or family. And future studies in fiber crops will integrate pangenomes for genomic selection.

Prof. Dr. Liwu Zhang
Prof. Dr. Haseena Khan
Dr. Gea Guerriero


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