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The Photon Based Manifold Connects to One-hand the String and the Other Higgs Field

Zhen-hua Mei


Different radii or rest masses of elementary matter particle can be considered as different results of the vibration waves of the string. Obviously, for a stationary elementary matter particle, the wave length must be satisfied 2 times reduction in law. However, the string here is not a material or immaterial reality, but a trail in space. You cannot consider an elementary particle to be composed of different strings. The string is just a theoretically conception, but not the smallest unit of matter. And the string is formed in a circle; you can call it as “loop quantum”. In addition, we are glad to see that we find a reasonable explanation for the string, and give it a good way out and comfort from the point of view of photon based manifold in our B. Feng’s theory. 


From (1) and (7) we can see that, the photon based manifold is in one-hand correspond to the string (loop quantum) and the other Higgs particle. I am glad to see that the Higgs particle mass calculated above is just within the theoretical prediction range of 120 ~ 140 GeV of standard model.

It must be emphasized that, the Higgs particle or field here cannot be tested experimentally; it is neither a real matter particle nor a waved particle; it constitutes our second-order vacuum as background. It really exists from the point of view in first-order vacuum; we can’t feel it as it is in our present space, however, it produces the asymmetry in our space and causes so much the chiral phenomena in nature.

Although I firmly oppose the quark model, I still appreciate standard model to need and predict the Higgs field and the Higgs spontaneous symmetry breaking mechanism  theoretically. In B. Feng's theory, we also introduced a concept similar to Higgs field. We clearly saw how the matter particles as electrons and protons were generated by interacting with such a background field (second-order vacuum). The second-order vacuum is this congenital asymmetry; it likes the so called spontaneous symmetry breaking that described in standard model. It should be note that those particles which with such a similar mass found in high energy particle collision experiment have nothing to do with this Higgs’, for the Higgs particle here is not a real existence in our experimental space; it can’t be tested. However, according to our theory, there are many other particles can exist in unstable state under the condition of 2 times reduction. In our theory, in high energy region of predicted mass spectrum, there are particles with quantum state of 2-19, 2-20and 2-21 that corresponding to the masses of 56.6 GeV, 112.0 GeV and 221.7 GeV respectively. Heavy elementary particles are always positively charged; therefore, in the range of 120-140 GeV, it is likely to find composite neutral particles that have rest mass greater than and close to value of 112.0 GeV. This is highly probability a coincidence. 

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