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International Journal of Dynamics and Control 发表原创的研究和评论文章,旨在报道促进线性和非线性动态系统及其控制的知识发展的有关理论、数值和实验研究。主题包括具有复杂动态特性的机械、民用、电气、电子、耦合机电和生物系统的建模、分析、解决方案技术、控制策略和实验研究。

自2013年创刊以来,International Journal of Dynamics and Control 已发表了900多篇优质文章,获得了学术界的极大支持与关注。在此推荐10篇该刊2021年高下载量的文章,2022年将有更多的优质好文,敬请期待!


Top 10 Full-Text Article Requests 2021 (publication years 2020–2021)

1. A review on drones controlled in real-time

Vemema Kangunde*, Rodrigo S. Jamisola Jr. & Emmanuel K. Theophilus 

640 (54).jpg

Quadrotor drone spraying pesticide on crops

Keywords: Drone; Unmanned areal vehicles; Real-time control; Global positioning system; Inertial measurement unit


2. A review of PID control, tuning methods and applications

Rakesh P. Borase*, D. K. Maghade, S. Y. Sondkar & S. N. Pawar

640 (63).png

Block diagram of process control using PID

Keywords: PID; Optimal PID control; Auto-tuning; Robotic manipulator; Process control; Electrical drives; Mechanical systems


3. Review on vibration control in tall buildings: from the perspective of devices and applications

BG Kavyashree, Shantharam Patil* & Vidya S. Rao


The present tallest building in the world

Keywords: Tall structure; Passive control; Active control; Semi-active control; Hybrid control


4. Review of sliding mode based control techniques for control system applications

S. J. Gambhire*, D. Ravi Kishore, P. S. Londhe & S. N. Pawar


Keywords: Sliding mode control (SMC); Robotic manipulator; Unmanned surface vehicle; Process control


5. Realization of a fractional-order RLC circuit via constant phase element

Riccardo Caponetto*, Salvatore Graziani & Emanuele Murgano

640 (55).jpg

CB-based CPE device

Keywords: Fractional-Order Calculus; Constant-Phase Element; Analog fractional-order RLC circuit; Carbon-black-based device


6. Delay compensation based controller for rotary electrohydraulic servo system

Zakarya Omar, Xingsong Wang*, Khalid Hussain & Mingxing Yang

640 (64).png

Layout structure of the electrohydraulic system

Keywords: Sliding mode control; Rotary electrohydraulic servo system; Predictive control; Smith predictor; Delay compensation


7.Modelling the role of optimal social distancing on disease prevalence of COVID-19 epidemic A review of PID control, tuning methods and applications

Sangeeta Saha* & G. P. Samanta

640 (75).png

Cost incurred in maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene

Keywords: COVID-19; Epidemic model; Basic reproduction number; Optimal control


8. Mathematical model for COVID-19 management in crowded settlements and high-activity areas

A. Ssematimba, J. N. Nakakawa*, J. Ssebuliba & J. Y. T. Mugisha

640 (76).png

Estimation of COVID-19 prevalence for slightly higher transmission rates given different levels of adherence to standard operating procedures

Keywords: Mathematical modelling; Standard operating procedures; COVID-19; Crowding; Critical area


9. Modelling the influence of progressive social awareness, lockdown and anthropogenic migration on the dynamics of an epidemic

R. Bhattacharyya & Partha Konar*

640 (77).png

Demonstration of the basic model is infused with progressive social awareness

Keywords: Mathematical model; Susceptible-Infected-Recovered (SIR); Epidemic migration


10. Normalized passivity control for hardware-in-the-loop with contact

Christina Insam*, L. D. Hashan Peiris & Daniel J. Rixen

640 (78).png

Picture of the used experimental setup

Keywords: Hardware-in-the-loop simulation; Real-time hybrid simulation; Passivity-based control; Contact dynamics



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