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Writing Scientific Papers & Making Prensentations in English3

The Procedure to Submit a Paper

  • Procedure
     1. Submit abstract (required only by some conferences)
     2. Submit manuscript
     3. Modify based on reviewer's comments (possibly several rounds)
     4. Submit final electronic copy
     5. Proof reading

  • Advices in English Presentations
     1. A large number of papers from Chinese authors are rejected simply because the papers are not well written.
     2. A strong basis for rejecting a paper:"the paper is poorly written: there are many spelling and grammatical errors. I have to guess what the authors mean, and therefore it is difficult to judge the contribution of the paper."

  • Advices in Writing for Beginners
     1. Avoid direct translation
     2. Write simple sentences with present tense
     3. Use spelling check to make sure that all words spelled correctly
     4. Use grammer check to find out inconsistency
     5. Pay particular attention to the spellings of the names in references
     6. Professionalism in writing
       6.1 consistency in format: font size, space, paragraph, etc
       6.2 consistency in punctuations
       6.3 consistency in equations
       6.4 consistency in references
       6.5 ……
     7. Balance in using mathematical symbols and equations → only serve as SHORTHAND


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