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 Writing Scientific Papers & Making Prensentations in English2

Content of a research paper

  • Title
     1. Best representation of the paper: contributions and unique features
     2. Gegerally not a sentence
     3. Importance of right word order
     4. No waste of words

  • Abstract
     1. Summary in a few hundred words
     2. Very important to attract readers

  • Introduction
     1. Motivations and problem descriptions
     2. Academic and/or industrial impact
     3. Literature reviews
       3.1 Show the state of art
       3.2 Cite references available to general public
       3.3 Avoid offensive remarks
       3.4 Use the most recent results
       3.5 Do not cite too many 'home-made' reference
     4. Summary of the major contributions of the paper
     5. Orgnization of the paper (optional)

  • Problem Descriptions or Formulation
     1. System configuration, environment, etc
     2. Mathematical models and formulations

  • Methodology
     1. Main ideas to solve the problem
     2. Theorems and proofs
     3. Desciptions of the approach or algorithm
     4. Performance analysis
     5. Unique features of the method

  • Results of applications, experiment or testing
     1. Descriptions of the practical or experiment system
     2. Descriptions of the data and the associated system
     3. Descriptions of the computer system
     4. Presentation of the results: table, figures, etc.
     5. Application and benefits

  • Conclusions
     1. Summary of your findings(not a repeat of abstract)
     2. Concluding remarks

  • Ackonwledgment
     1. Acknowledge the funding agencies
     2. Thank individuals

  • References(very important)
     1. List references in appropriate format
     2. Have recent references if possible
     3. Give the complete information(all the name, not 'etal' if possible, show your respect)
     4. List appropriate numbers of references(not to many or too little)


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