Keys questions about glaucoma

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1) How to take out the internal limiting membrane (ILM) in a mouse? 

Background: (ILM) is the basement membrane at the ocular vitreoretinal interface. While the ILM is essential for normal retinal development, it is dispensable in adulthood.

Answer: It is possible in patients but might be difficult in mice since the mouse eye is small. ILM must be removed for stem cell transplantation since the cells are so big they can not penetrate the ILM. But for small molecules they can penetrate, and not necessary to remove ILM. 

2) Is it possible to do a suprachoroidal injection in a mouse? 

Answer: Yes, even though the mouse eye is small. 

The suprachoroidal injection has been done in rabbits, monkeys, and humans. 

3) How do you think of immunotherapy in glaucoma?

Answer: It is an alternative and complementary therapy, but the first-line treatment is IOP-lowering, ON neuroprotection, and enhancing the microcirculation (ischemia-hypoxia).

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