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some tales of mathematic!ans(225) by littless

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标  题: some tales of mathematic!ans(225)
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He walked up to the first who said, "Hello! My name is Bob, and I have an IQ of
186." Einstein smiled brilliantly, and said "Ah-hah! We shall discuss quantum
physics together!"

The second man greeted him with "Hello, sir. My name is Edward, and my IQ is
150." Einstein smiled, replying "Excellent! We shall discuss mathematics

Moving on, Einstein shook hands with the third man, who said, "Hello; my name
is William, and my IQ is 119." Smiling again, Einstein replied "Very good! We
shall talk together about European history."

The last man looked up glumly as Einstein approached, and said "Hi, my name's
Chuck, and my IQ's only 87." Einstein replied sadly "I see-- we shall have to
discuss statistics."


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