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Wiley invites qualified individuals to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief

 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry is an international, peer-reviewed journal with a 2017 Impact Factor of 2.959. It publishes descriptions of original research in which complex cellular, pathogenic, clinical, or animal model systems are studied by biochemical, molecular, genetic, epigenetic or quantitative ultrastructural approaches. Submission of papers reporting genomic, proteomic, bioinformatics and systems biology approaches to identify and characterize parameters of biological control in a cellular context are encouraged. The areas covered include, but are not restricted to, conditions, agents, regulatory networks, or differentiation states that influence structure, cell cycle & growth control, structure-function relationships, cell fate and lineage commitment or assembly mechanisms in cells, viruses, or supramolecular constructs, and signaling mechanisms mediating transcription. This scope extends to cell structure and function; organelle assembly; regulation of cell organization, reproduction or differentiation; the architectural organization and compartmentalization of nucleic acids and regulatory proteins within the nucleus and cytoplasm; the dynamics of intranuclear trafficking, placement and assembly of regulatory machinery for gene expression; the development, organization or remodeling of tissues; and to stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.


The successful candidate for the position of EIC will be recognized internationally for his or her achievements in this area and have a good track record of publications and presentations at conferences. We do not expect the candidate to be an expert in all fields covered by the broad scope of the journal. He or she will also have an extensive international network of contacts, so that the profile of the Journal can continue to be developed. The ideal candidate will be skilled in diplomacy, networking, and written and verbal communication.


The duties of the EIC include:

• Managing the day-to-day operations of the Journal, especially the peer review process, with support from a journal administrator provided by the Publisher 

• Facilitating thorough, fair, and fast peer review through the delegation of Associate Editors, the invitation of peer reviewers, and the synthesis of peer review reports into a manuscript decision 

• Encouraging submissions from authors and serving as an ambassador of the Journal

• Monitoring and improving Journal operations and the effectiveness of the Journal’s editorial goals and policies 

• Collaborating with the Publisher to explore strategic new initiatives, policies, and subject areas in order to enhance Journal quality and growth 

• Managing the Associate Editors and Editorial Board, including inviting and retiring members and monitoring performance 

• Maintaining regular communication with the Associate Editors and the Editorial Board to keep them engaged and energized 

The EIC shall have the power to delegate specific responsibilities to Associate Editors and the Editorial Board. Ideally, to keep the flow of papers maintained and the decision times to a minimum, the successful candidate should plan to spend a little time on the Journal each day.


Applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a short assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of Journal of Cellular Biochemistry and your vision for how you would like to see it develop in the future.

Please send all application materials to: 

Melissa Asaro, Journal Publishing Manager, at 



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