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Advanced Materials(以下简称AM)是一本跨学科领域的知名期刊,在国际材料领域科研界享誉盛名。在科睿唯安最新公布的2019年度《期刊引证报告》(JCR)中,AM影响因子上涨至25.809,进一步奠定了该期刊在领域内的领先地位。值此,我们特别采访到了AM期刊主编Peter Gregory博士,听他为我们分享AM期刊的背后故事以及他对中国科研的一些看法。



Peter Gregory博士 ,现任Advanced Materials,Advanced Optical Materials以及Advanced Materials Interfaces期刊主编,同时负责材料、物理及生命科学领域的期刊。

Peter Gregory博士是位化学家,毕业于英国伦敦大学学院(University College London),曾在德国埃尔朗根-纽伦堡大学(University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)从事博士后研究。在Peter Gregory博士的出版生涯中,他致力于Wiley的材料物理期刊项目长达25年,同时也在RSC Publishing有着5年的经历,期间为Wiley和RSC创建了超过25种期刊,其中包括“Advanced”期刊家族中的15个成员。

同时,Peter Gregory博士还是RSC成员,并担任13所大学和研究所的荣誉教授/客座教授。



Gregory: 随着读者群的扩大及引文量的增加,AM的影响因子30年间持续提升。编辑团队对期刊取得的发展感到非常高兴,更因为我们的期刊是多学科和跨学科领域的。当然,我们的竞争对手们都很优秀,我们也会一如既往的努力。

The Impact Factor of AM has been growing continuously over 30 years, as readership and citation grow. The Editorial Team is very happy with the development, and especially because our journal is multi-/interdisciplinary. Of course, there are strong competitors so there is still much to do.


Gregory: 在过去的20年里,中国的科研硕果累累,特别是在能源、可持续、医药以及高科技等领域。这些也是AM所关注的重点领域,期刊团队与中国学者建立了非常紧密的联系,这种合作对我们大家来说是愉快也是双赢的。

Research in China has developed tremendously over the last 20 years, especially in areas relevant to energy, sustainability, healthcare, and high-tech. As these are priority areas also for AM the journal team has built a very strong connection to Chinese scientists and this is both fun and good for us all.


Gregory: 所有顶级期刊的发展都离不开高质量、热情、勤奋的编辑团队,AM就拥有这样的团队。编辑们热爱自己所做的工作、努力为科研工作者提供优质的服务。我认为他们融洽的合作也是一种优势。

All top journals need to have quality and enthusiastic and hard-working global and interdisciplinary editorial teams, and the Advanced team is no different. They enjoy what they do and work hard to provide scientists with an excellent service. I think they have fun working with each other and that gives them an edge.


Gregory: 开放获取(和公开)通常是一件好事儿。这里问题的关键是未来为出版服务付费的方式是什么样的,作者来支付开放获取的费用只是其中一种选择。我认为必须为作者和读者提供适合他们个人要求的选择。但从长远来看,只有能够提供高可靠性、高可持续性、高服务质量以及平等公平的模式才能被广泛接受。在将来,AM及其姊妹期刊将会为科研群体提供可自由选择的权利,以便科学信息的长期保存得到保障,也使得科研工作者们付出的努力和创新得到尊重。

Open access (and openness) is generally a good thing. But the real question is how publishing services will be paid for in the future, and author-pays open access is only one option. I believe it is important to provide authors and readers with choices which fit their individual requirements, but in the long term, only models that provide reliability, sustainability, quality of service, and equality and fairness will prevail. AM and its sister journals will be offering freedom of choice to the scientific community, so that the scientific record is secured for future generations, and hard work and scientific talent is rewarded in the long term.


Gregory: 日益加大的科研投入以及学者们的辛勤付出促进了中国高质量科研成果的不断产出。许多中国学者以及科研机构可以说已成为世界范围内的杰出代表。这对全球经济的发展以及解决所有国家面临的重要的全球挑战都至关重要。我认为中国的强劲表现势不可挡,并且我相信中国能够帮助发展中国家在解决这些问题方面发挥自己的作用。

China has converted hard work and increasing scientific output into high-quality output. Many Chinese scientists and their institutions can now be counted amongst the best in the world. That is very important for the global economy, and for solving important global challenges facing all nations. I think this strong performance is set to continue, and I am sure that China can help developing countries to play their part in solving the problems.


Gregory: 中国在这方面的进展显著,并取得了十分卓越的成就。在我看来,如果能够吸引西方学生来到中国学习,这对于增进双方科学和文化的紧密联系、促进西方对中国文化及其表现形式的理解是十分有效的。与此同时,深厚的友谊将有助于下一代科学家们的融洽合作。

Much progress has been made and great successes achieved. I imaging that attracting more western students to Chinese universities would be a useful thing to strengthen as science and culture are closely linked and improving western understanding for Chinese culture and performance and friendship will help next generations of scientists to work in harmony together.


Advanced Materials 

Advanced Materials has been bringing you the latest progress in materials science every week for over 30 years. Read carefully selected, top-quality Reviews, Progress Reports, Communications, and Research News at the cutting edge of the chemistry and physics of functional materials. One key to the success of Advanced Materials is its pronounced interdisciplinarity.




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