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诚聘博士 | 维也纳农业大学生物催化与生物传感器研究组

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A PhD position is available at the Biocatalysis and Biosensor Group (www.ludwiglab.eu) at BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria (www.boku.at.ac). We are inviting highly motivated, interest-driven and hard-working researchers (m/f) holding a master’s degree or equivalent in any suitable field to investigate with us novel routes to connect oxidoreductases with nanostructured electrodes for third generation biosensors. 

The Project

The project aims to elucidate the interaction, orientation, and mobility of oxidoreductases and their attached cytochrome domains by fast kinetic and electrochemical methods and to investigate the potential of chimeric enzymes for biosensing applications. The project team consists of the PI, a postdoctoral researcher and two PhD candidates. The successful applicant for this position will engineer and produce fungal oxidoreductases in Pichia pastoris and characterize them biochemically. He/She will modify these enzymes with molecular biology techniques to generate variants for electron-transfer studies. Rapid biochemical methods will be applied to elucidate the domain interaction mechanism and the electron transfer kinetics. Later on, you will study the effects on interdomain electron transfer and direct electron transfer by electrochemical methods. A basic understanding of electrochemical techniques is a plus. We offer special technical training and supervision to support these research activities.

The Candidate

Your scientific background and research experience should cover four of these five fields: molecular biology (heterologous protein expression and mutagenesis), microbiology (cultivation of Escherichia coli or Pichia pastoris), protein purification (chromatography), biochemistry/enzymology (protein characterization methods, activity assays), or electrochemistry (cyclic voltammetry, amperometry). You should be a proactive person and an independent thinker with broad scientific background and high intellectual flexibility to work with team members from different scientific backgrounds. To make this interdisciplinary project successful, we are looking for a PhD candidate who is enthusiastic and passionate about science, has excellent experimental skills and enjoys working in a team.

Funding and Starting Date

The PhD position is funded for 3 years by and Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project. The successful candidate will be hired by BOKU on basis of the regular Austrian universities PhD contract (B1) with a monthly gross salary of 2096



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