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Crystal Structures
2017-12-5 08:39
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Correction to non-resistive nature of N-process in RTA model
2014-7-8 15:42
In the RTA model for thermal conductivity calculation, N-processes are treated the same as other resistive processes. However, it is well known that N-proceses conserve momentum and do not pose resistance to the heat transport directly; they only contribute to the resistance indirect ...
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Notes on FCC Brillouin Zone Notification
2014-4-23 15:16
Sound velocity in different directions of fcc structure can be calculated from elsatic constants C11, C12 and C44 as:
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Understanding TDTR signal
2014-4-10 16:21
Understanding TDTR signal.pdf
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Boundary scattering for in-plane thermal conductivity
2014-4-3 11:58
Boundary scattering characteristic length for in-plane thermal conductivity of t.pdf
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Greek Letters
2014-3-2 16:41
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2013-11-5 22:37
Solving the inverse problem of an inhomogeneous Fredholm integral equation by numerical method Fredholm equations involve definite integrals with fixed upper and lower limits. An inhomogeneous Fredholm equation of the first kind has the form &n ...
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2013-11-5 16:52
Determination of native Al oxide thickness by XPS The thickness of native oxide on aluminum can be estimated by a simple XPS (sometimes also referred to as ESCA) method. 1-6 This method can also be applied to the measurement of thin (i.e. ...
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