He is a game manager rather than a game playmaker!

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After a big football against South Carolina on Saturday (October 20), Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel was highly praised because of his performance with the quote "He's had games in which he's been more of a game manager than a playmaker..." (Michael DiRocco, Driskel, Gators march on, October 20, 2012). As it is well-known, the quarterback on an American football team is the leader who is coordinating all plays. It is critical for the leader not to rely on his/her playmaking to succeed, rather it is critical to stimulate all potential of the team members and make sure that the team goal, to win, is always the highest priority! Individual statistics is a lesser concern and the overall team performance is! A great researcher should realize that as his/her career development, he/she should become not only a great researcher, but also a great leader and nurture the group he/she is leading. A game manager is not a personal playmaker, rather it is the leader who makes the team playmaking to win!



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