2012-5-15 01:34
In my last two years, i had experienced much unexpected things. and now, as a graduate ,I have changed so much,.every week, I must download the latest paper from nature and cell website, I think i have found my own persuit for all my life.,it may be use a word to described such as 'enthusiastic or ...
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To make a religious man
2012-2-21 16:19
my blog hasn`t been approved and I have so much to say ,so I write my first journal tonight.Recently I became a sentimentalist, when i sat for myself in my room .frankly speaking,Although my father was wordy, I admired my father, he was get up 4:00 am,and write his own article ...
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curb the arrogance- only for me
2012-2-21 16:18
recently, LI shuhao is the most Vigorous and gelivable professional basketball player in American that I have seen. what he taught me is how to learn modest .when he was in front of a great number of medias for interviews, he always show overmodest , distinguish as was, ...
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