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In my last two years, i had experienced much unexpected things. and now, as a graduate ,I have changed so much,.every week, I must download the latest paper from nature and cell website, I think i have found my own persuit for all my life.,it may be use a word to described such as 'enthusiastic or fantasizing'. and why those changes was happened to me ?  I think my EX-girlfriend is the headstream of my change,. To be honest , I spent much more time on playing games and drinks ,when i was in my university, the most worst for me is i was ranked the last in the test, it was my EX-girlfriend that activated my courage of going on study. although I broke up with her, it hadn`t to be say she was one of the most appreciative woman  in my life, besides my mother. 

I also remembered the scene when I was interviewed by my tutor, he is a good tutor in my opinion , he is not only care about your scientific research but he also established the emotion in his students, in china., a  real word such as 'BOSS' which was used to described for the relationship the tutor and his student,  so, I think the god is prior to me , my destiny is not so bed,  after I met my tutor and doctor li. Although he is so young , he can behave like your father to teach you how to met those difficulty, although he has enough money to maintain his research , he will give you many surprise that you will received a hot-water-bottle in the chill winter , when I was in my bed ,I never forgot the warm where was from, I always try my best to do my experiment ,I think if you are him, you may not have the courage to transfer yours research to a unfamiliar zone, he deserved to be respected .  i  just want to bless him, and may be one day, i was become a excellent scientist , it my be the best gift for him, so , I know what will I do in my the next few years.

I want to write my brother doctor li, I have treated him as my brother , he is great. I was so tired that I may be write so much.

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