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感觉近来开源收费期刊让editor也越来越功利,巴不得所有投稿人都付钱投本杂志开源期刊。今日收到欧化editor决议如下,意思是审稿人意见我们只参考,建议投本杂志收费期刊,承惠1440欧元。从两个审稿人意见看,这篇投稿至少是个major revision,可惜editor还是拒了,让转投。决定拒转,支持国货期刊。

Dear Dr. Xu,

Thank you for submitting the above-mentioned Full Paper. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your manuscript for publication in Chemistry - A European Journal. Since considerably more manuscripts are received than we can possibly publish in the limited available space, a selection process has to be applied. In the course of this the opinions of the reviewers are a prime consideration but an article is also assessed as to whether it is of great significance for the development of a topical area of chemistry.

We hope that you will understand our decision, which was taken on the basis of the reviewer comments. Given the overall assessment of the work, I would like to make you the following offer on behalf of Dr. Greta Heydenrych, Editor-in-Chief of ChemPhysChem. ChemPhysChem would be interested in publishing the paper. After careful revision, considering all of the reviewer's comments, including the additional experiments. A reviewing process would be required, for which the original reviewers would be approached if available.

Alternatively, if you are an advocate of open access, you might consider publishing the revised version in ChemistryOpen.

For a limited time, all manuscripts published by ChemistryOpen will be subject to a reduced fee of 1800




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