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《博士磨砺》&The Ph.D Grind (一)

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偶然在网上发现了一个刚刚毕业的博士生写的回忆录《The Ph.D Grind 》,一读进去便来了味道,掩卷之后感触颇多。作者用朴实的文笔将自己在斯坦福大学度过的六年博士生涯娓娓道来。包含了学术心得、心理调节,个人管理,从业选择等方面。虽然作者的专业是计算机科学,但是学科是相通的,相信其他学科的博士、有志于走科研道路的本科生、教授、科研人员看过之后都会获益良多。为了让更多的人更快地了解这本书,了解这本书的作者Pilip Guo,我决定将本书翻译成中文,姑且将它命名为《博士磨练》。




Hi Philip,


I am Li Weilong, a cs phd student from Central South University inChina.

A few days ago I got access to your recent work The phd grind bychance, which resonated me so much.

So I decide to translate it into Chinese in order to let moreChinese phd or pre-phd students, young scientists and scholars etc. know yourexperience and rethink profoundly how to do research and design personal careerpath.

And I promise that the translated version is not used for commercialbut for academic communication and sharing.

Please think about my proposal.

Wait your response.


Best wishes!

Li Weilong





Thanks for your email. I have turned down previous requests fortranslations, since I don't think people can properly capture the full meaningof my words in another language. Also, since I cannot read or write Chinese, Iwill not be able to assess the translation quality.奶茶加盟http://www.naitea.com/


However, since you seem so enthusiastic, I will allow your translation,as long as you include:


1.) A prominent link back to the original English version at http://www.phdgrind.com/

2.) A disclaimer notice at the top of the translation saying thatthis is an unauthorized translation and that the original author did nothave any input on the translation.

3.) And it's for non-commercial use, as you mentioned.

《博士磨砺》&The Ph.D Grind (二)


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