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Experimental analysis of the impact of sluice regulation

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Qiting Zuo, Hao Chen, Ming Dou,Yongyong Zhang, Dongfeng Li. Experimental analysis of the impact of sluiceregulation on water quality in the highly polluted Huai River Basin, China [J].Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.2015, Vol. 187, (7): 45001-45015.  DOI: 10.1007/s10661-015-4642-z.Print ISSN: 0167-6369. Online ISSN: 1573-2959

AbstractImpact assessment of sluice regulation on water quality is oneof crucial task in the present river management. However, research difficultiesremain because of insufficient insitu data and numerous influencing factors in aquaticenvironments. The Huaidian Sluice, the main control sluice of the Shaying River,China, was selected for this study. Three field experimental programs weredesigned and carried out to analyze spatial and temporal variations in waterquality parameters under various sluice regulation conditions, and to explorethe impacts of regulation mechanisms on water quality. Monitoring data wereused to simulate water quality under different scenarios by the water quality analysissimulation program (WASP). Results demonstrate thatthe influences of sluice regulation on permanganate index (CODMn) andammonia nitrogen (NH4-N) concentrations (indicators of water quality)were complex and nonlinear, and presented different trends of increase ordecrease from different regulation modes. Gate openings of differentwidths and different flow rates affected CODMn andNH4-N concentrations differently. Monitoring results and numericalsimulation results indicate that the sluice opening should be small.Flow discharge through the sluice should be greater than 10 m3s, and less than 60m3s to maintain low CODMn concentrations, and discharge should be low(e.g.,14m3s) to maintain low NH4-N concentrations. This researchprovides an experimental basis for further research on the construction ofwater quality models and for the development of reasonable regulations on waterquality and quantity.


Keywords Sluice regulation; field experiment; numerical simulation;polluted river  

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