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热度 3 2013-3-29 12:55
Ⅰ. Machine Learning Andrew Ng Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved under ...
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Matrix Norms vs. Vector Norms
2013-1-13 16:12
The four vector norms that play signi cant roles in the compressedsensing framework arethe $\iota_0$ ,the$\iota _1$, $\iota_2$, and$\iota_\infty$norms, denoted by$\|x\|_0$,$\|x\|_1$,$\|x\|_2$and$\|x\|_\infty$respectively. ...
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热度 4 2012-11-14 23:34
虽然,在我自己一直都在做机器学习方面的研究,并总是听说统计机器学习。但为什么要叫“统计”机器学习?因为机器学习是“learn from the data”. 我们也可以将此看做是一个统计过程,然后得到一些“规律”,然后用这个“规律”去预测新输入的数据应该具有哪些属性。在机器学习中,我们建立一个数学模型后 ...
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The Matrix Cook Book
2012-4-17 22:59
I recommend a useful matrix operation book to you here. The Matrix Cookbook. By Kaare Brandt Petersen and Michael Syshind Pedersen. BOOK PDF
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2012-4-5 22:48
推荐一篇对于稀疏表达和压缩感知介绍的文章 http://www.cvchina.info/2010/06/01/sparse-representation-vector-matrix-tensor-1/ http://www.cvchina.info/2010/07/13/sparse_representation_vector_matrix_tensor2/ 压缩感知科普文两篇 http://www.cvchina.info/2010/06/08/compressed-sensing-2/
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Basis Pursuit
热度 1 2012-3-24 20:03
From my first blog article- An introduction to sparse representation . We have noticed that the sparse coding for the input datasets is very useful to signal processing and machine learning. Zero norm is the direct solution for the sparse coding problem. However, D.L. Donoho proved that 1 norm ...
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