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Basis Pursuit

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From my first blog article-An introduction to sparse representation.
We have noticed that the sparse coding for the input datasets is very useful to signal processing and machine learning.
Zero norm is the direct solution for the sparse coding problem. However, D.L. Donoho[1] proved that 1 norm solution is also the sparsest solution, and it is equals to zero norm solution.
Standard BP

The form without noise[2].


Basis pursuit denoise(Three forms).

BP is relaxed to obtain the basis pursuit denoise (BPDN) problem.[2]

The parameter  is used to estimate the noise level of the input data sets.It becomes a standard BP problem when   equals to  zero.
E.V.D. Berg, etl, have proposed an efficient algorithm[3] for  problem. 

Using Lagrange-operater into problem (2), it turn problem (2) into problem (3).
It is first proposed by Chen, Donoho, and Sunders[2].

It was proposed by R. T.IBSHIRNI[4].

For the case where an estimate of the noise level   is known, Chen, Donoho, etl [2] argue that the choice  has important optimality properties.


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norm solution is also the sparsest solution,        Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 59 (2006), pp. 797–829.
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