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Writing science

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Some sentences or phrases from Schimel, 2011<Writing Science>, share with you:

At that point, my tolerance for my own writing hit bottom and my appreciation for my advisor's patience

hit top.

You can do something for many years without becoming competent.

When I use other's work, I can assess what they did and why it worked or failed, but I can't know why

they made the choices they did.

suggest alternative ways of doing things

the quality of the ideas we hold in our heads, or of the data we hold in our hands

You don't succeed as a scientist by getting papers publised. You succeed as a scientist by getting them


Having your work matter, matters. Success is defined not by the number of pages you have in print but by their influence.

Success, therefore, comes not from writing but from writing effectively.

They are able to cast their ideas in language that is clear and effective and that communicates to a wide


These men and women not only think more deeply and creatively than most of us, they also are able to

communicate their thinking in ways that make it easy to assimilate. That is how they became leaders.

Does clear thinking lead to clear writing? Or, alternatively, does clear writing lead to clear thinking?

to write clearly, you must first think clearly.

clear thinking can emerge from clear writing

Writing is the process through which scientists come to understand the real form and implications of their


the process of structuring your thoughts to communicate them allows you to test and refine those thoughts.

it forms the bridge to your audience

it can act as the rate-limiting step that constrains the effectiveness of all the other tools

our work gets read and cited because we made our points well enough that readers could follow what

we were saying

make our ideas clear, compelling, and convincing to reviewers

communicate our ideas as much as from their inherent quality.

It is the author's job to make the reader's job easy.

This rewriting cycle develops both your writing and your thinking, moving both toward clarity and power.

If you are going to be a successful writer, learn to embrace the pain and enjoy the process.

A paper tells a story about nature and how it works.


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