Tiffany yellow diamond romantic interpretation plot

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tiffany necklaces, jewelry Queens, famous for its diamonds and silver tiffany jewelry in the world, is a United States symbol of design. To love and beauty, romance and dreams as the theme and the wind reputation nearly two centuries. It full of functional beauty and soft delicate sensibility the needs of all women in the world of fantasies and desires. The tiffany co once again challenges your imagination of luxury jewelry, yellow diamonds perfect cut, demonstrated in front of us is not complex carved the ornate visual feast. "Perfect" diamonds Yellow diamond, and pink tiffany bracelets, blue diamonds and green drill and is known as "perfect" diamonds. A yellow diamond value is approximately the same size of colorless diamonds three times. But tiffany rings yellow diamond jewellery from the price is $2500 this series, taking into account the color of rare, can be said to be a very fair price.


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