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发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Sodium-Sulfur Batteries: Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur Batteries: A Comprehensive Review on Research Progress and Cell Chemistry

论文作者:Yun-Xiao Wang,  Binwei Zhang,  Weihong Lai,  Yanfei Xu,  Shu-Lei Chou,  Hua-Kun Liu,  Shi-Xue Dou

发表日期:20 December 2017

论文摘要:Room-temperature sodium-sulfur (RT-Na/S) batteries hold great promise for future large-scale stationary applications. This emerging technology consists of sodium anode and sulfur cathode, both of which are nontoxic, easily accessible, abundant and low cost as well. Recent progress on the crucial cathode materials, electrolytes, separators, and cell configuration are summarized by Yun-Xiao Wang, Shu-Lei Chou, and co-workers in article number 1602829. Additionally, current challenges and future perspectives are discussed, and potential research directions toward improving RT-Na/S cells are proposed.

发表期刊:Advanced Energy Materials

论文题目:Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Review on High-Loading and High-Energy Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

论文作者:Hong-Jie Peng, Jia-Qi Huang, Xin-Bing Cheng, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:20 December 2017

论文摘要:In article number 1700260, Qiang Zhang and co-workers review high-sulfur-loading Li–S batteries enabled by multiscale hierarchical design principles. How to bridge the ‘sulfur cathode’ and ‘lithium anode’ is the key to fill the gaps for better Li-S batteries. The authors provide new insights into the interfacial reactions, strategies for mesoscale assembly, unique architectures, and configurational innovation in the cathode, anode, and separator in advanced Li-S batteries.

发表期刊:Advanced Optical Materials

论文题目:OLEDs: Multifunctional Phenanthroimidazole Derivatives to Realize High-Performance Deep-Blue and White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

论文作者:Xiaoyang Du, Guang Li, Juewen Zhao, Silu Tao, Caijun Zheng, Hui Lin, Qingxiao Tong, Xiaohong Zhang

发表日期:1 December 2017

论文摘要:Highly efficient and stabilized white organic light emitting diodes (WOLEDs) are realized for ultrahigh exciton utilization in article number 1700498 by Silu Tao, Qingxiao Tong, and co-workers. The device uses a novel phenanthroimidazole derivative as the blue emitter as well as the host for red emitters to achieve step-wise energy transfer from the blue emitter to green and red emitters. As a consequence, a high external quantum efficiency over 19% with stable spectra is obtained.

发表期刊:Advanced Electronic Materials

论文题目:Wearable Electronics: Coaxial-Structured Weavable and Wearable Electroluminescent Fibers

论文作者:Guojin Liang, Ming Yi, Haibo Hu, Ke Ding, Lei Wang, Haibo Zeng, Jiang Tang, Lei Liao, Cewen Nan, Yunbin He, Changhui Ye

发表日期:11 December 2017

论文摘要:In article number 1700401, Haibo Hu, Yunbin He, Changhui Ye and co-workers report on the design and facile fabrication of novel coaxial-structured electroluminescent fibers based on AgNWs electrodes, ZnS phosphor, and silicone dielectric and encapsulation layers. With uniform and bright luminance, and both excellent flexibility and mechanical stability, the fibers show great potential for weaving into wearable colorful and functional cloths.

发表期刊:Advanced Electronic Materials

论文题目:Field-Effect Transistors: Tuning Frontier Orbital Energetics of Azaisoindigo-Based Polymeric Semiconductors to Enhance the Charge-Transport Properties

论文作者:Jianyao Huang, Zhihui Chen, Zupan Mao, Dong Gao, Congyuan Wei, Zuzhang Lin, Hao Li, Liping Wang, Weifeng Zhang, Gui Yu

发表日期:22 November 2017

论文摘要:In article number 1700078, Gui Yu and co-workers describe the design and synthesis of a class of donor–acceptor semiconducting polymers for use in field-effect transistors (FETs). Multiple conformational controls within the polymer backbone, including S···N, Se···N, and C–H···N interactions, are realized to fine-tune the molecular frontier orbital energies and backbone orientations. These polymers enable a deep understanding of the structure–property relationships involved in FETs and can change charge transport polarity from p-type to ambipolar.

发表期刊:Advanced Materials Technologies

论文题目:Suspension 3D Printing: Suspension 3D Printing of Liquid Metal into Self-Healing Hydrogel

论文作者:Yongze Yu, Fujun Liu, Renchang Zhang, Jing Liu

发表日期:14 November 2017

论文摘要:In article number 1700173, Jing Liu and co-workers illustrate a suspension 3D printing method to create macroscopic three dimensional structures of liquid metal object inside a self-healing hydrogel, which negates the highly restrictive effects of surface tension, gravity and liquid property to the fabrications. Fountain heads depicting the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and a stereo photo-electronic lighting device with stretchable shapes are demonstrated as examples.

发表期刊:Advanced  Science

论文题目:Biocompatibility of Nanoparticles: Hematological Effects of Gold Nanorods on Erythrocytes: Hemolysis and Hemoglobin Conformational and Functional Changes

论文作者:Xingchen Zhao, Dawei Lu, Qian S. Liu, Yiling Li, Rui Feng, Fang Hao, Guangbo Qu, Qunfang Zhou, Guibin Jiang

发表日期:20 December 2017

论文摘要:In article 1700296, Qunfang Zhou and co-workers report the hemocompatibility of gold nanorods (GNRs). In contrast to negatively charged GNRs, positively charged GNRs (C-GNRs) induce instant hemolysis. After cellular encapsulation, the GNRs are found to bind with hemoglobin and to induce conformational and functional changes in the protein. This demonstrates that surface modification holds great promise as an approach to improve the biocompatibility of GNRs for clinical use.

发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie, International Edition

论文题目:Sorting of C4 Olefins with Interpenetrated Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials by Combining Molecular Recognition and Size-Sieving

论文作者:Zhaoqiang Zhang, Qiwei Yang, Xili Cui, Lifeng Yang, Zongbi Bao, Qilong Ren, Huabin Xing

发表日期:29 November 2017

论文摘要:The sorting of C4 olefins is possible with a combination of molecular recognition and size-sieving effects. In their Communication on page 16282 ff. H. B. Xing and co-workers report anion-pillared hybrid interpenetrated porous materials with finely tuned cavities (the bridge tunnel) and functional sites (flowers) arranged at 0.2 Å increments. These materials exhibit outstanding performance for the separation of C4 olefins.

发表期刊:Angewandte Chemie, International Edition

论文题目:A Supramolecular Capsule for Reversible Polysulfide Storage/Delivery in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

论文作者:Jin Xie, Hong-Jie Peng, Jia-Qi Huang, Wen-Tao Xu, Xiang Chen, Qiang Zhang

发表日期:5 December 2017

论文摘要:A supramolecular capsule that is similar to an octopus in the ocean makes possible reversible polysulfide storage and delivery in a working battery. In their Communication on page 16223 ff., Q. Zhang et al. report the introduction of cucurbit[6]uril capsules that confer high stability and high efficiency to lithium–sulfur batteries and enable high sulfur loading.


论文题目:In Situ Fabrication of Hierarchically Branched TiO2 Nanostructures: Enhanced Performance in Photocatalytic H2 Evolution and Li–Ion Batteries

论文作者:Guorui Yang,Ling Wang,Shengjie Peng,Jianan Wang,Dongxiao Ji,Wei Yan,Seeram Ramakrishna

发表日期:14 December 2017

论文摘要:In article 1702357, Shengjie Peng, Wei Yan, and co-workers present direct in situ growth of hierarchically branched TiO2 nanofibers by a combination of an electrospinning technique and an alkali-hydrothermal process. The branched nanofibers have a unique morphology and can be used in both photocatalytic H2 generation from waste splitting, and as an anode in Li–ion batteries, where they exhibit electrochemical properties such as a high specific capacity.


论文题目: Bimetallic Platinum-Tin Nanoparticles on Hydrogenated Molybdenum Oxide for the Selective Hydrogenation of Functionalized Nitroarenes

论文作者:Yijin Shu, Hang Cheong Chan, Lifang Xie, Zhangping Shi, Yi Tang, Qingsheng Gao

发表日期:23 November 2017

论文摘要:The Front Cover shows the efficient and selective hydrogenation of functionalized nitroarenes to corresponding anilines on bimetallic Pt-Sn supported by hydrogenated MoOx. In their Full Paper, Y. J. Shu et al. demonstrate that Pt-Sn/H-MoOx catalysts deliver high selectivity and activity for the hydrogenation of functionalized nitroarenes under mild conditions, as a result of the atom-rearranged bimetallic Pt-Sn surface and the electronic metal–support interactions with H-MoOx, respectively.

发表期刊:Chemical Science

论文题目:Construction of an autonomously concatenated hybridization chain reaction for signal amplification and intracellular imaging

论文作者:Jie Wei, Xue Gong, Qing Wang, Min Pan, Xiaoqing Liu, Jing Liu, Fan Xia, Fuan Wang

发表日期:23 October 2017

论文摘要:Biomolecular self-assembly has spurred substantial research efforts for the development of low-cost point-of-care diagnostics. Herein, we introduce an isothermal enzyme-free concatenated hybridization chain reaction (C-HCR), in which the output of the upstream hybridization chain reaction (HCR-1) layer acts as an intermediate input to activate the downstream hybridization chain reaction (HCR-2) layer. The initiator motivates HCR-1 through the autonomous cross-opening of two functional DNA hairpins, yielding polymeric dsDNA nanowires composed of numerous tandem triggers T as output of the primary sensing event. The reconstituted amplicon T then initiates HCR-2 and transduces the analyte recognition into an amplified readout, originating from the synergistic effect between HCR-1 and HCR-2 layers. Native gel electrophoresis, atom force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence spectra revealed that C-HCR mediated the formation of frond-like branched dsDNA nanowires and the generation of an amplified FRET signal. As a versatile and robust amplification strategy, the unpreceded C-HCR can discriminate DNA analyte from its mutants with high accuracy and specificity. By incorporating an auxiliary sensing module, the integrated C-HCR amplifier was further adapted for highly sensitive and selective detection of microRNA (miRNA), as a result of the hierarchical and sequential hybridization chain reactions, in human serum and even living cells through an easy-to-integrate “plug-and-play” procedure. In addition, the C-HCR amplifier was successfully implemented for intracellular miRNA imaging by acquiring an accurate and precise signal localization inside living cells, which was especially suitable for the ex situ and in situ amplified detection of trace amounts of analyte. The C-HCR amplification provides a comprehensive and smart toolbox for highly sensitive detection of various biomarkers and thus should hold great promise in clinical diagnosis and assessment. The infinite layer of multilayered C-HCR is anticipated to further strengthen the amplification capacity and reliability (anti-invasion performance) of intracellular imaging approach, which is of great significance for its bioanalytical applications.


论文题目:Bacterial species-identifiable magnetic nanosystems for early sepsis diagnosis and extracorporeal photodynamic blood disinfection

论文作者:Jianhao Wang, Hao Wu, Yanmei Yang, Rong Yan, Yuan Zhao, Yanhao Wang, Aihong Chen, Shilong Shao, Pengju Jiang, Yong-Qiang Li

发表日期: 26 October 2017

论文摘要:Despite the numerous bacteria detection and elimination techniques available nowadays, sensitive diagnosis and treatment of sepsis (caused by the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream), especially at the early stage, remain big challenges. Here we report a nanosystem for early sepsis diagnosis and complete extracorporeal blood disinfection, based on iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles functionalized with chlorin e6 molecules and bacterial species-identifiable aptamers (Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt). We demonstrate that the Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem can achieve simultaneous blood bacterial species identification and enrichment in a single step, and the enriched bacteria can be easily detected with the assistance of fluorescence microscopic determination. Based on this Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem, successful diagnosis of sepsis caused by a single (Staphylococcus aureus) or multiple species (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli) of bacteria in mice has been realized. Compared to the gold standard blood culture method, this Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem-based strategy has a comparable detection sensitivity (around 10 colony-forming units) but a significantly shortened diagnosis turnaround time (within 1.5 h), revealing its great potential for early sepsis diagnosis in clinical settings. Moreover, benefitting from the strong photodynamic effect of the Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem, complete extracorporeal blood disinfection has been achieved. Remarkably, we also demonstrate that the disinfected blood can be reused for mice transfusion application without inducing adverse reactions, indicating the fruitful potential of the Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem for sepsis treatment. Apart from the sepsis-associated applications, we believe that the Fe3O4-Ce6-Apt nanosystem could find wide applications in the fields of health and environmental sciences that require bacteria monitoring and sterilization.

发表期刊:Analytical Methods

论文题目:MicroRNA detection by an amplification-free biosensor based on controllable solid-state electrochemiluminescence quenched by charge transfer

论文作者:Chang Liu, Lin Wang, Liping Lu, Tianfang Kang

发表日期:22 September 2017

论文摘要:Effective and sensitive microRNA detection is a great challenge. Most microRNA assays use an amplification strategy to obtain high sensitivity, which makes them complicated. Herein, we present a simple and amplification-free solid-state electrochemiluminescence (ECL) biosensor for the detection of miRNA based on high effective quenching by ferrocene and using N-butyldiethanolamine (BDEA) as a more effective co-reactant. Initially, the mixture of Nafion and Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) was cast onto the glassy carbon electrode (GCE) to form a Nafion–AuNPs film. The resulting electrode was then immersed into a solution of Ru(bpy)32+, where the solid-state Nafion–AuNPs/Ru(bpy)32+ could be obtained via electrostatic adsorption. The DNA molecular beacon, which was modified with thiol at one distal and the other was labeled with ferrocene (i.e., Fc-MB), was covalently attached to AuNPs on the ECL film through a Au–S bond. Afterwards, the remaining active sites of nonspecific adsorption were blocked with 6-mercapto-1-hexanol (MCH). When the target miRNA was present, it hybridized with the complementary part in the loop of Fc-MB and formed a double-stranded structure. This conformational change led the quencher away from the electrode, resulting in a remarkable increase in ECL intensity. Under the optimum condition, the ECL signal had a linear relationship with miRNA concentration ranging from 0.01 pM to 1 × 103 pM, with a limit of detection of 10 fM. Moreover, our biosensor showed remarkable specificity, outstanding reproducibility, good stability and excellent performance in real sample investigation with no amplification. Therefore, this developed strategy has great potential in early miRNA-related cancer diagnosis.

发表期刊:Nanoscale Horizons

论文题目:Computational approaches to cell–nanomaterial interactions: keeping balance between therapeutic efficiency and cytotoxicity

论文作者:Hong-ming Ding, Yu-qiang Ma

发表日期:03 October 2017

论文摘要:Owing to their unique properties, nanomaterials have been widely used in biomedicine since they have obvious inherent advantages over traditional ones. However, nanomaterials may also cause dysfunction in proteins, genes and cells, resulting in cytotoxic and genotoxic responses. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to these potential toxicities of nanomaterials, especially to the risks of nanomaterials to human health and safety. Therefore, when using nanomaterials for biomedical applications, it is of great importance to keep the balance between therapeutic efficiency and cytotoxicity (i.e., increase the therapeutic efficiency as well as decrease the potential toxicity). This requires a deeper understanding of the interactions between various types of nanomaterials and biological systems at the nano/bio interface. In this review, from the point of view of theoretical researchers, we will present the current status regarding the physical mechanism of cytotoxicity caused by nanomaterials, mainly based on recent simulation results. In addition, the strategies for minimizing the nanotoxicity naturally and artificially will also be discussed in detail. Furthermore, we should notice that toxicity is not always bad for clinical use since causing the death of specific cells is the main way of treating disease. Enhancing the targeting ability of nanomaterials to diseased cells and minimizing their side effects on normal cells will always be hugely challenging issues in nanomedicine. By combining the latest computational studies with some experimental verifications, we will provide special insights into recent advances regarding these problems, especially for the design of novel environment-responsive nanomaterials.

发表期刊:Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry

论文题目:Robust Hydrogenation of Nitrile and Nitro Groups to Primary Amines Using Ni2P as a Catalyst and Ammonia Borane under Ambient Conditions

论文作者:Yun-Feng Zen, Zi-Cheng Fu, Fei Liang, Yong Xu, Dan-Dan Yang, Zhi Yang, Xin Gan, Zhe-Shuai Lin, Yong Chen, Wen-Fu Fu

发表日期:30 October 2017

论文摘要:Selective hydrogenation of nitrile groups to primary amines is challenging owing to their high reactivity towards producing secondary and tertiary amines. An unprecedented and efficient system for the hydrogenation of nitrile and nitro groups to primary amines catalyzed by Ni2P nanoparticles in mixed aqueous H3NBH3 solution under ambient conditions is reported. The system exhibits high catalytic selectivity towards generating primary amines, resulting in good isolated yields. Density functional theory calculations rationalize the observed results that composite interactions among species on the catalyst surface alter the catalytic pathway.


论文题目:Core-shell MnO@MnFe2O4 Anchored by Reduced Graphene Oxide as Anode of Li-Ion Batteries Operated under Ultrawide Temperature Range

论文作者:Yao Du, Chun Liu, Shuijing Sun, Songping Wu

发表日期:6 September 2017

论文摘要:The Inside Back Cover picture shows that the anode (marked with −) of the battery contains the core (orange)–shell (blue) structured nanoparticles anchored on the surface of graphene. In the figure, the lightning represents energy and yellow indicates the high temperature. The illustration shows that such a battery has powerful energy at high temperature.


论文题目:Improving the Structural Stability of Li-Rich Layered Cathode Materials by Constructing an Antisite Defect Nanolayer through Polyanion Doping

论文作者:Leilei Ma, Lei Mao, Xiaofeng Zhao, Jianhao Lu, Fan Zhang, Pengchong Ding, Lizefang Chen, Fang Lian

发表日期:10 November 2017

论文摘要:The Cover Feature illustrates that some antisite defects with transition-metal ions substituting Li-ion sites are induced on the surface, which leads to the promising structural stability of Li-rich layered cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.




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