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A New Start of My Life
热度 2 2014-1-1 00:48
I have just started my graduate study and research. And today I met with my Ph.D supervisor. He is quite nice. I will keep focused and work hard. Hope the best for 2014...
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Research Interests
热度 2 2013-11-2 00:35
Chemical vapor deposition of two-dimensional materials such as graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs: MoS2, WSe2 etc). Synthesis of ternary two-dimensional materials such as h-BNC, diluted magnetic doped TMDs. Two-dimensional materials based device ...
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热度 1 2013-3-23 15:36
Ever since April last year, the GRE test has not disappeared in my mind. Today I took the GRE test in USTC. And this is my second-time taking this kind of exam. My first close contact with GRE happened in August last year in Nanjing Normal University. Frankly speaking, I have not intended ...
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热度 3 2013-1-27 19:05
2011年4月份买的电脑,当时是大二下学期,还不太想买电脑,但是呢,3月底从北京参赛拿了一个小小的奖,于是我姐和爸妈就主动提出帮我买电脑(当然就算他们不提,我也要买了,不然建模的训练没发进行)。那买了电脑干啥呢?讲实话,我当初一直不想买电脑是怕耽误学习,我想买了之后总得干点正事吧~~当时 ...
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