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Ever since April last year, the GRE test has not disappeared in my mind. Today I took the GRE test in USTC. And this is my second-time taking this kind of exam. My first close contact with GRE happened in August last year in Nanjing Normal University.

Frankly speaking, I have not intended to pursue higher degree abroad at first thought. There may be two reasons for that thinking. The first one is that there are seldom students around me planning to accomplish their study in foreigner nations, which directly leads to the paucity of information relating to universities and admission and requirements. Another reason accounting for why I never intend to go abroad is the case of money. I come from a middle-class family (or maybe low-income family)and my parents are all working in Guangdong Province for over twenty years.

However, an occasional internet interaction under the branch called 出国留学section on our in-campus bbs website with some senior graduates in my university who are now in U.S. make me in the first time know that the undergraduates can apply for PhD and receive a fat scholarship from the department of the university. Moreover, I myself is a person who want to try something new and fresh. For example, I heard that the GRE test would be the most difficult exam in the world and the GRE words were rarely used in daily life and they were disgusting. So I want to have a try and experience so-called the most intimidating test.

After I registered for the test, I really conceived that my English language has been improving, not only the vocabulary but also my spoken English and listening and so on. Therefore, I really appreciate the process and the experience of preparation. Because through this I made so many and so excellent friends from all over the nation. Furthermore, it also expanded my horizon and gave me the opportunity to make more in-depth self-thought, undoubtedly helping elevating myself.

Today I posted this article on the sciencenet website for my happiness about my second-time and maybe last-time GRE test and shared my happiness with the people who support me all the time.My performance is verbal 156 plus quantitative 170. I am very pleased with the scores. More importantly, I show my greatest gratitude to my teachers and my friends. Without their kind help, I would not achieve this score.


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