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Maybe we need a war.

A war in South China Sea or Diaoyu Island.

Wars mean tears, bloods or death.

But it was proved that a war is a good tool to check a country's health.

It can check us whether we really are the No.2 in the world and tell us how about the gap between No.2 and No.1.

Whether can we produce enough planes, tanks ,bombs or advanced weapons in a short time?

Whether can we produce enough electronic chips or core modules when being blocked by western countries?

Whether can we convert the tons of published papers into real war power?

Whether can we produce enough foods for all our people in a war?

Whether can we save the lives of the injuried soldiers or cilvlians in time?

Will our economy crack down when the western countries boycott us?

War can verify who will be our real friends or allies.

Now every country can insult us, USA, JAPs, France ,Britain always use Dalai Lama as a political tool to rob money from us.

Small countries also come to this dirty game, such as Vietnam, Philophine,  Myanmar, South Korea, Singpore, even Kim's North Korea.

We are like a lion imprisoned in a cage.

Everytime facing insult,we  did nothing but roar "we are strongly protesting......."

Russia retook Crimea.

But Russia did not collapse.

Russia was blocked by more countries.

But the whole country of Russia seems to be running normally.

The war makes the rest of the world fear Russia.

But also makes them respect Russia.

Russia lets the world know nobody can insult her or touch her cheese.

If Russia has a population of 1 billion.

If Russian work hard like Chinese.

The Polar bear will shake the Earth again.

We love peace.

But we can not beg it from others' hands.

We can only win it by ourself.

This is the only way.

War of Korea help us win a long peaceful term for development.

Don't break your own arm for making your couterparty happy!

Happy birthday! My beloved country.



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