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[转载]Use bibliographic raw file

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Use bibliographic raw file

 Web of Science

 You can only use one type of Web of Science file. To use NETSCITY seamlessly, you first need to select a set of publication from the Web of Science and download them using the following advices:

1/ Search records to export and select "Save to Other File Format".

2/ To export all records returned (up to 500), enter 1 to [the total number of records].

3/ Choose "Full Record and Cited References" to include Addresses and Times Cited information.

4/ Select "Tab-Delimitated (Mac/Win, UTF-8)" from the save drop down menu


1/ Look for and click the Export icon (Note: Depending on how you use Scopus, this might be displayed according to your export preference. To select a different export method than what is displayed, click on the drop-down arrow)

2/ From the pop-up menu, select CSV format for your file format and Citation as well as Bibliographical information as the information to export

3/ Click "Export", select "CSV - Only the first 2,000 documents" and click "Export" agai

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