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Turner’s Man-Made Disasters (MMD) was apath-breaking work and one of the first scholarly accounts of industrialaccidents not as fatalistic ‘‘sudden Acts of God’’ but as events that can be carefullyanalyzed. Turner’s three seminal contributions were: (1) man-made disasters area particular class of events that have common patterns in their making, andthey can be analyzed to improve future systems’ safety; (2) accidents are inthe making over long incubation periods, their causes extend deep into the pastas a ‘‘chain of discrepant events [often] develop and accumulate unnoticed’’until an accident is released; and (3) most importantly, accidents cannot beascribed to purely technical problems, and management and organizationalmatters are key contributors to accidents. While the specifics of Turner’s workmay be in part obsolete today, its key theoretical insights have an enduringvalue and provide much of the conceptual foundations for an extensiveliterature that followed in its wake on accident causation and system safety.



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