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分享 Prism GraphPad里更改 Y轴方向
2014-8-8 13:33
1.left button, single click the Y axis; right button, choose 'format axes' 2. choose the window of 'left Y axis' 3. Change the direction in 'gaps and directions' at the top of the panel.
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分享 向航天科技工作者致敬
2013-12-16 04:51
看着嫦娥3和玉兔的视频,十分激动,也非常骄傲。 想象自己为了做合格的语音实验材料,如此“简单”,都憋得发烧嘴起泡,再看看嫦娥奔月的伟大壮举,实在是佩服不已! 负责任的说:如果让我做航天工程,只怕玉兔早摔趴在海里了……哈哈 真心的玩笑话 再次致敬,你们太棒了!!!!!!!!
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分享 [Praat] How to overlay the tone
2013-5-18 00:27
Target word= TW (the word will be manipulated), Source word = the word where the tone is copied from 1. Get the Pitch of the SW and down to the PitchTier 2. Get the manipulation object of the TW 3. Choose the MO of TW and the PitchTier of the SW, click on replace pitch
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分享 [转载]'Language Gene' More Active in Young Girls Than Boys
2013-4-29 18:20
Despite recent progress toward sexual equality, it's still a man's world in many ways. But numerous studies show that when it comes to language, girls start off with better skills than boys. Now, scientists studying a gene linked to the evolution of vocalizations and language have for the f ...
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