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Advances in Geo-Energy Research2019, 3(3): 242-249



       近日,伊朗沙希德·巴纳尔科曼大学Omid-Ali Larki等人将天然火山灰与API级G型水泥相结合,制备密度为105 lb/ft3的轻质水泥浆。根据天然火山灰和其他添加剂的最佳用量,提出了一种新的轻质水泥配方。根据24小时抗压强度试验和自由水体积,以火山灰代替水泥粉的最佳用量为30%。在浆料中加入更多的火山灰时,即使在室温下也会减少泵出量。将温度提高到150°F来模拟井底条件,并加入化学添加剂来保持浆料的流变特性。降滤失剂、分散剂和缓凝剂的最佳值分别为0.5、0.08和0.05(%bwoc)。分别在3天、7天和30天对水泥石的抗压强度进行监测,30天后达到3528 lb/in2。

A new formulation for lightweight oil well cement slurry using a natural pozzolan

Omid–Ali Larki, Saeid Norouzi Apourvari, Mahin Schaffie, Reza Farazmand

(Published: 2019-05-15)

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Saeid Norouzi Apourvari,;


Citation: Larki, O., Norouzi Apourvari, S., Schaffie, M., Farazmand, R. A new formulation for lightweight oil well cement slurry using a natural pozzolan. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2019, 3(3): 242-249, doi: 10.26804/ager.2019.03.02.

ArticleType: Original article


    Fluid loss during cementing operation in depleted reservoirs or deep wells of reservoirs with low breakdown pressure is a major concern for maintaining well integrity. This issue is usually handled by reducing the weight of cement slurry. Although various slurry formulations were proposed during the last decade, the cost and availability of required additives is still a concern, especially when the oil price is low. The objective of this study is to make lightweight cement slurry with a density of 105 lb/ft3, using the combination of natural pozzolan and API class G cement. This study proposes a new lightweight cement formulation based on the optimum amount of a natural pozzolan and other additives. Based on the results of 24-hour compressive strength tests and free water volume, an optimum 30% of cement powder was replaced with pozzolan. Addition of more pozzolan into the slurry reduces its pumping even at room temperature. The bottom-hole condition was simulated by increasing the temperature to 150 °F, and chemical additives were used to maintain the rheological properties of this slurry. Fluid loss control agent, dispersant and retarder were used at optimum values 0.5, 0.08 and 0.05 (%bwoc), respectively. The compressive strength of the cement rock was monitored at 3, 7 and 30 days, reaching to 3528 lb/in2 after 30 days.

Keywords: Fluid loss, natural pozzolan, lightweight cement slurry, drilling cement, cementing operation.




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