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Advances in Geo-Energy Research2019, 3(2): 198-206


        水力压裂是提高低渗透油藏采收率的最佳、最经济的方法之一。然而,水利压裂过程中的微粒迁移会对其产生不利的影响。在本研究中,伊朗阿瓦兹石油工业大学Ramin Moghadasi 博士等人通过实验研究合成二氧化硅纳米颗粒在减少微粒迁移方面的作用。分别进行玻璃珠漏斗静态试验和岩心驱替分析动态实验。静态试验中,随着浸泡时间的延长和纳米二氧化硅的加入,出水液更加清晰,溶液中粘土颗粒浓度因此降低。当溶液中同时含有纳米二氧化硅和玻璃微珠时,其动态条件下的压差高于纯玻璃微珠,这说明多孔介质的渗透率较低。此外,应用Derjaguin-Landau-Verwey-Overbeek(DLVO)理论研究了粘土颗粒在支撑砂表面的吸附行为。结果表明,纳米二氧化硅颗粒与砂的混合支撑剂可以有效地减少微粒的迁移,从而提高压裂作业的水力性能。

Application of nanofluids for treating fines migration during hydraulic fracturing: Experimental study and mechanistic understanding

Ramin Moghadasi, Alireza Rostami, Abdolhossein Hemmati-Sarapardeh

(Published: 2019-04-18)

CorrespondingAuthor and Email:

Abdolhossein Hemmati-Sarapardeh,;


Citation: Moghadasi, R., Rostami, A., Hemmati-Sarapardeh, A. Application of nanofluids for treating fines migration during hydraulic fracturing: Experimental study and mechanistic understanding. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2019, 3(2): 198-206, doi: 10.26804/ager.2019.02.09.

ArticleType: Original article


    Hydraulic fracturing has emerged as one of the best and most economical methods for enhancing oil recovery from low permeability reservoirs. However, its performance will be negatively affected by fines migration due to the hydraulic fracturing process. In the present study, it has been tried to experimentally investigate the efficiency of synthesized nanosilica particles in reducing fines migration. To this end, two sets of static and dynamic experiments, namely glass bead funnel test and core displacement analysis, were implemented, respectively. In the static test, increasing the soaking time and addition of nanosilica led to the clearer effluent fluid, resulting in fewer concentrations of clay particles in solution. When the mixture of nanosilica and glass beads was available in the solution, a higher differential pressure was obtained during a dynamic condition in comparison to only glass beads, which means the lower permeability of the porous media. Moreover, Derjaguin-Landau-Verwey-Overbeek (DLVO) theory was applied to demonstrate the clay particles absorption on the sand proppants surfaces. Consequently, it was observed that the use of nanosilica particles mixed with sand proppant can effectively reduce fines migration; thereby, it can enhance the hydraulic performance of the fracturing operation.

Keywords: Hydraulic fracturing, fines migration, nanosilica, glass beads, core displacement.




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